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Reave or Energy Drain - these will replace Warp and Overload, respectively, as well as providing huge bonuses to your survivability, especially the latter.-Loub

I had a really fun time with Armor-Piercing Ammunition. The cover penetration is really fun and useful for dealing with those pesky Guardians. Not affected by Tech Armor's recharge penalty, either. It also means you'll have talents in combat, tech, and biotics. Loub raises good points though. 22:57, March 21, 2012 (UTC)

I am currently also using warp ammo on insanity with my sentinel. Works like a charm, hardly have to fire a bullet ever anyway when taking along Garrus and Liara...just keep blasting away any shields, followed by biotic explosions...

Warp Ammo and Armor-Piercing Ammo are pretty good. Anything to help you crank up your rather meager weapon damage, basically. As a Sentinel, your vanilla powers should have you covered for almost everything else, and you're pretty tough as it is.

I 'say Defense Matrix. You get extra damage protection if you invest in it, on top of Tech Armor and when your shields fail, you can activate it again to reboot shields instantly. good day to be a Sentinel my friend :)

I agree with using Defense Matrix. When you fully spec Tech Armor and Defense Matrix for damage reduction you get a whopping 70% Damage Reduction when both are active. It makes Insanity a breeze. The only downside is very meager cooldown speed. I would recommend using a Vindicator or Avenger as your primary weapon with a Carnifax/Paladin as your backup and maybe an SMG with Ultralight Materials. With those you should have around +160% cooldown speed, but it still feels like you are lugging around a Phaeston and an Eviscrator. --Magicman10893 03:07, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

Personally, I used AP ammo. works pretty well.

I've cycled through several bonus powers during my three Sentinel playthroughs, each time believing the current to be the best. In the end, the "best" is what you're enjoying the most. That being said, if you want maximum effectiveness, you should go with either of the following: Reave, Warp Ammo, Tungsten Ammo. Depending on your playstyle, you might also want to pick Marksman or Inferno Grenade for more Soldier-like feel. I'm extremely surprised to hear that Defense Matrix stacks with Tech Armor, and unfortunately I'm not at home right now to test it. I assumed that all "protection" powers were mutually exclusive. Can anybody prooftest this? (EDIT) To elaborate on Reave: I don't see it mentioned often nowadays, as seemingly most people saved the female on Virmire. Nevertheless, similarly to ME2, it's one of the best bonus powers, and probably the best for Sentinel. With proper evolutions, it can offer continuous 30-40% damage protection, it can detonate and be detonated, covers a wide area, panics enemies, works agaisnt protected enemies, and does good damage. I've stuck with Reave for now, and is extremely satisfied with it. Mitranim

I also used defence matrix. I am pretty sure it stacked with tech armor. Or at least I felt like I could take a lot more fire when I had both protections on at the same time (slight possibility possibility for it being a placebo effect, I admit). Then again defence matrix was also useful tool in reactivating shields when they dropped - that yields more time to look for cover. Also defence matrix can enhance your tech powers to a degree. — Dogmatix

Well...I mean...doesn't ME3's Tech Armor technically "stack" with everything, basically (health stat, shield stat, etc.)? Since it doesn't work by duplicating your base shield stat anymore, it simply reduces the amount of damage you receive by a set percentage. Defense Matrix does the same (among other things), so it's just piling damage reduction on top of damage reduction.

Tech Armor is functionally identical to Barrier, Fortification and Defense Matrix. That's why I assumed that all these powers would be exclusive. It's easy to test if they stack: use both powers and see if their icons in the action bar become dimmed. Also, check your power recharge times and damage (if you picked the +damage evolution). If it works, with power-oriented evolutions, it could provide you with +45% power damage and 50% damage protection at the cost of -80% power recharge. Mitranim

I've used Fortification along with Tech Armor for my Sentinel. It definitely stacks since I use the Tech Armour and Fortification for the bonus to power damage. Recharge time dropped to slightly under 3 seconds for me so it wasn't so bad either.

All sources I've looked at online say yes they do stack, This is next on my list to try on a playthrough actually. To compensate for the increased cooldowns you can invest in all passives, let squadmates set up explosions and use throw with the instant cooldown on explosion option. This allows you to not care about weight either since you're running almost no abilities with cooldowns. Ryanshowseason2 12:46, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

You still want quick cooldowns, powers are a big part of Sentinel gameplay. And with power-oriented evolutions on both Tech Armor and Barrier / Defense Matrix, you'd have only 80% reduction. In the Rosenkov Armor set (-40-50% cooldown), this would result in roughly 1.35 cooldown on Throw, roughly 2.7 on Warp/Overload, etc (depending on your Shadow Broker researches). In other words, even with two protection powers you still want to run a power-oriented setup, especially considering that they will both boost your power damage. Moreover, some of the best weapons are light. My weapon setup for Sentinel is Carnifex + Hornet (without Ultralight), I regard these weapons as ones of the most efficient regardless of weight and I have +200% cooldown at all times. Mitranim

I just find it an interesting concept to be able to make a build where you could go all out and carry widow/revanent/graal/locust/carnifex and still hurl around explosions as fast as companion powers recharge. Especially with companion aoe powers like reave and stasis bubble, not to mention your own lift grenades. Ryanshowseason2 13:00, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

You don't want your Throw to recharge just as fast as Liara's Stasis or Kaidan's Reave. You still want your powers to recharge faster. Powers can contribute a lot to Sentinel's damage / control output. Of course, it depends on your armor setup and evolutions of your protection powers. Admittedly, I've always focused on a power-oriented setup (-recharge armor pieces, power-focused TA evolutions), and haven't tried weapon-oriented setup for Sentinel. Evolving powers to offer 70% damage protection and running an armor set focused on +weapon damage sounds interesting. I will give it a go, but I'd still pick light weapons for faster cooldowns. Mitranim

Important update: the description on the 5th evolution of Defense Matrix is incorrect. It says that it "increases tech damage by 25%", while in truth it increases damage and force of all powers by 25%, just like Barrier. For reference, similar evolutions of Tech Armor and Fortification increase power damage and force by 20%. Mitranim

Thanks everybody for your great input! After looking through everything I think I'm going to run with Carniflex and Hornet with Ultralight materials, so that Defense Matrix won't hurt me too much. I'll just let my squad mates set up the 'splosions. So, Defense Matrix! Thanks again! Atlasmaster

I'm surprised people don't pick the cooldown route for BOTH armor powers. You'll end up with the original 80% tech armor power slowdown, but if you have 200% recharge and had weight capacity, you end up with upgraded vindicator and upgraded carnifex and you're still at 200% recharge. This ends up with great bonuses in power dmg from defensive matrix and 50% dmg reduction shields without gimping your cooldowns on casting at ALL. You'll still be able to spam throw with about 2 seconds or less and warp 3 seconds or less. It's a beautiful build, spammable, more power, and more survivability. What's not to love?

  • You might benefit from reading the page more attentively. Mitranim

Here is a side question that relates to sentinels: Do tech and biotic explosions affect armored targets? I have noticed in my SP and MP that I can't get any kind of explosion on an armored target. I don't know if I am bugging or not because I hear other people talk about pulling them off... Am I doing something wrong? Byrdology

  • Biotic explosions work on armored targets perfectly. In fact, it's the easiest way of taking out Banshees and Atlases. However, they're not affected by certain powers such as Stasis or Pull. Was it why you couldn't set up the explosion? Mitranim
  • Since Byrdology is talking about Sentinels, I wouldn't think there's a problem with Stasis or Pull. I assume that Warp-Throw combo has been used. In which case I'd recommend to make sure that Warp hit the target for sure (some like to dodge, like Geth Pyros) and then spam Throw - I've noticed that sometimes Banshees don't get detonated from the first Throw projectile. Land Raider
  • He could have been using Lift Grenade. I believe that it will set off Biotic Explosions on armored targets but won't set them up.
  • The issue is with the Warp/Throw combo. I hit them with warp, but they don't glow as if they had been affected. In fact, the only time I see the "warp effect" is on non- armored targets. This has led me to spend points in other skills and leave warp out completely or only take it to rank 3. Byrdology
  • I'm not completely sure but I think afflictions cancel each other out. If a "warped" target is ignited by Incendiary Ammo, it should cancel the warp effect and prevent the explosion. Same for other ammo powers and Overload / Energy Drain electric shock. This might have prevented biotic explosions in your case. However, I'm not totally certain it works this way. Mitranim
  • I can't speak with certainty about whether or ammo powers and Warp may cancel each other's effects, but I do know that whenever I Warp an armored target it doesn't usually glow. However, I can still set off biotic explosions. So Warp is affecting them, it's just not visually appreciable. At least, that's the way it is for me.

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