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Is not that hard. With both of the store discounts, you can get a Paladin for 180,000 credits in singleplayer. Mulitplayer is an entirely different story, as the Store is completely at the mercy of the Random Number God. The only advice I can give for getting Ultra Rare weapons is to keep buying Premium Spectre Arsenal Packs Premium Spectre Packs until the RNG takes pity on you. Terminator-HIX

  • I thought Arsenal Packs are supposed to have higher chance of all kinds of weapons than PSPs, ultra rare or no. Mitranim
  • They're supposed to, yeah. But the pack gives you two Rares first and foremost, which higher drop chances given to weapons. In other words, Rare weapons (which make up the majority of the weapon manifest) are given priority in the drawing. Once the Rare weapons are all at level X, Arsenal Packs tend to default to other Rare items, like ammo powers and characters (I got two Drell Assassin cards in an Arsenal Pack once -_-). There's still a chance for Ultra Rares, but since PSPs have a higher chance of UR drops, they're the better option. Of course, this is just my experience talking... Terminator-HIX

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