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Artificially generated atmosphere using mass effect technology. It's detailed in Menae's description.

Yet another question answered in game Byrdology

I'm guessing it is, but who reads planet descriptions anyway? ^_- Besides, planet-sized mass effect field? To me, it just seems like an excuse for the developers to show off magnificent views of a battle seen from a satellite planetoid, while at the same time showing people's faces unmasked.

^ If I have questions like this then I at least try to read the wiki about it... Unless I don't know quite where to look. I didn't intend to be snarky at the OP, just remarking at the thorough answers that are found directly in game. Cause Lord knows there are tons of things that aren't, which is why we have this site.Byrdology

^It is possible, besides, planet/moon sized mass effect fields are not impossible to make in the future, and plus, Turians are geniuses. :D Orbrital

The mass effect fields don't have to be moon/planet-sized. It could also be just around the turian bases. The exterior of the Collector Base also had very limited athmosphere, otherwise the team couldn't get from the Normandy inside the base. As for Menae, it probably wouldn't be too hard to create some atmosphere in specific places, especially if there is terraforming technology involved. LeoJo

Given the information in the game on the moon itself (as I had the impression that the game developers have reached here another spot, where they ran out of ideas), the right answer could also be: "Classified". ;) Simi21

James makes a comment about "atmosphere's a little thinner than he's used to" during the Menae mission. But yes, stick a powerful mass effect core into anything and you can give it its own gravitational pull, enough to retain oxygen. The stronger the gravity, the less core you need, making large moons ideal for setting up an atmosphere. If the power goes out, they're screwed however, which is why they're deep underground, as close to the core as possible. RShepard227

  • A mass effect core powerful enough to hold an entire moon's atmosphere?.. What are the turians doing battling the Reapers for so long, the latter should've been wiped out by now! I mean, with an ability to build such powerful mass effect cores... alright, enough :D I just don't believe that's possible. Land Raider
  • Like I said, the moon's gravity was already strong enough to retain an atmosphere, it just needed a little boost. I can't imagine the engine necessary would be much bigger than a cruiser or dreadnought's engine, which any race can build. It's also possible they have several buried and networked all throughout Menae's crust. Consider Earth's gravity, which is enough to keep us from jumping straight up no more than a meter. If that gravity is enough to retain a spherical volume of oxygen, nitrogen, and every other gas, I can't imagine it would take much effort for Menae to do the same (considering the mobility/acrobatics of Shepard and his crew, the gravity is the same as Earth's with those generators). RShepard227

The atmospheric generators is a pretty logical and plausible solution, however there is one thing to keep in mind. Menae is under siege! By the Reapers! The reapers are really smart, and their first move would probably be to use orbital bombardment to take out the atmospheric generators, which would make it extremely inconvenient for the defenders as well as reducing morale. Atlasmaster

^ Two problems with that: 1) The generators are deep underground. The turians planned ahead for an aerial bombardment and knew it would be disastrous if they were destroyed. 2) The details of Menae are highly classified. There's no way the Reapers would learn about them before their siege. RShepard227

Please read: Menae It should answer your questions. Niquorebel Cousland

^ Ookay, statement 2 withdrawn. RShepard227

^ Didn't mean to sound clipped, RShepard227. Just thought the wiki page itself could answer the question better than I could. Niquorebel Cousland

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