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alright go to Tuchanka, speak to the cheif of the Urdnot tribe, ask him what is wrong with Grunt, the cheif will say that Grunt has to go through a Krogan Rite of Passage, and will tell you you need to speak with the shaman, so go upstairs and speak with the shaman, and you will have to prove to the shaman that Grunt is worthy of the Rite. Tell the Shaman that your ready for the Rite, and you'll go to another area. During this Rite, you have to push the keystone, and the varrem will attack, nothing crazy just kill the varren, no strategy needed. Push the keystone, after killing all the varren, and the Rachni will atttack, kill all the Rachni, and push the keystone again, now this is where it gets tricky, the third time you press the keystone you encounter a thresher maw. Don't try to use cover with the tresher maw, as the tresher maw spits acid at you, and destroys any cover you can get behind, except the barriers at the front of the platform. You can use any weapon you wish, and there is ammo for your heavy weapon around the platform, so I would advise getting the ammo, before you take on the thresher maw. An easy way to waste the Thresher maw is this, stand out in the open, of course he will spit at you, when he spits the acid dodge it, as it will take some time to get to you, and open fire, then the thresher maw, will go back to his burrow, and go to either the right, left, front of the platform, and just repeat, wait till he spits his loogie, dodge it, and open fire. Thats the best way that I have found. (also you don't have to kill the thresher maw, you can wait out the timer, but who wants to be a wimp)

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