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Unknown and impossible to answer,because you would have to know how many cycles there have been,how many species were in those cycles, and how many have been destroyed through the passage of time.Forever224 (talk)

This has been discussed many times before on this wiki and elsewhere , over several years. Consensus: we can put upper and lower bounds on the numbers involved. At minimum you have the reapers depicted when the fleets arrive at Earth. At maximum, given 50,000 years per cycle and between one and two billion years of Reapers, they've had time to create around 20,000 Reapers assuming one per cycle (as the game mentions). SDoradus (talk)

That's pretty accurate,but Istill don't think there's a good way to determine the number of destroyer grade reapers. Since it is stated they are made from species not used to make capital ships. It leaves a lot of room for variability.Forever224 (talk)

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