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You mean, in Mass Effect 3? Actually, Anderson and his troops constantly moved around the world, fighting Reaper forces wherever they could. Will-O-Wisp (talk)

  • Of course they were moving, they do it to escape the Reapers and engage them in hit and run tactics, but the OP was asking how they achieved that, as traveling from Vancouver to London would've meant that they'd have to cross the entirety of North America and the Atlantic, all of which is occupied and watched by the Reapers themselves and their indoctrinees. It is likely that they were using shuttles (weren't some shuttles like Cortez' outfitted with a stealth drive like the Normandy has one?) or they were going there using subterran means, maybe a 22nd century version of the Channel Tunnel connecting New York and London like it is suggested hereLeoJo (talk)

Like Will says, they are constantly moving. They get to London shortly before Shepard does if I remember correctly. As for the how they got there, they still have shuttles and dropships operational so I would think they used those.  JohnMD (talk)

Submarines, anyone? We heard of asari using them in anti-Reaper guerilla operations. - MA4585159 (talk)

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