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Lock in her romance (invite her up to your cabin, only works with ME2 import and between Priority: Geth Dreadnought and Priority: Rannoch) and put her in your party. The game prioritizes your romance as your "best friend" for the DLC missions. RShepard227 (talk)

Thats not true. I brought Tali (Love Interest) and Garrus along and Garrus was always the one rescuing Shep. The same happened in combination with Javik and Liara. Maybe it could even be determined by who gets picked first in the Squad Selection screen?

Well then I can't help you, I romanced Liara and that was enough. Unless the game keeps a running tally of your Normandy and Citadel conversations and does it that way, in that case Garrus and Liara (and Javik if you get him early enough) will always have an edge over everyone else, followed by James and EDI. Tali and Virmire Survivor don't have as many dialogues, though Kaidan has more than Ashley. I do know that Squad Selection has nothing to do with it. RShepard227 (talk)

  • My understanding is that Ashley has the same amount of dialogue as Kaidan does; the only difference is that Kaidan's is delivered more on the Normandy, while Ashley's is mostly found on the Citadel. Terminator-HIX

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