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Think about it - Destroy kills EDI and the geth, and Synthesis changes EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING in the galaxy. But Control can just zero in on the Reapers (apparently?). Why is this?

^ Okay, there are long-winded debates all over the 'net about the merits of Synthesis and how it's even supposed to work, so no point going into that one (although, there is the fact that Reapers are already a fusion of organic and machine parts; that'd make Synthesis kinda redundant to them, wouldn't it?). It should be noted that both EDI and the geth make use of Reaper tech at that point; EDI was made by combining a VI with technology scavenged from Sovereign, and the geth utilise Reaper code to boost their intelligence and processing power. The Citadel boosts the Crucible's Reaper-controlling signal, and the relays transmit it across the galaxy, but it's possible that only Reapers are capable of responding to it. Terminator-HIX (talk)

Shepard might also be able to consciously decide who he controls. If that's the case, my Shepard would only resort to controlling Geth or EDI if there were no other alternatives. — Dogmatix

Yeah, I always assumed that Control probably does let you control all synthetic life, it's just that Shepard can also consciously decide to let go of control of the geth and EDI.

Somehow I doubt that it is Reaper-specific. Theoretically speaking, Shepard taking control of the Reapers shouldn't suddenly remove their ability to indoctrinate. In that case, through Reaper contact with organics, Shepard could potentially control all life in the galaxy. This is one of the many reasons I don't trust Control even in the hands of the most Paragon Shepard of them all. Niquorebel Cousland (talk)

^ Well, that certainly brings some subtext to Renegade Shepard promising to "be the strong leader the galaxy needs" in the Extended Control ending... And if you save the Collector base in ME2, then get a really low EMS score in ME3, Control is your only option, so... Terminator-HIX (talk)

^ Precisely why I don't trust it. Don't give me a painfully long conversation in which Shepard tells TIM how the Reapers can't be controlled, then have some transparent kid tell me, "Oh, of course TIM couldn't do it, but you can..." The Catalyst allowing Shepard to control what it already controls makes no logical sense unless doing so furthers its own goals. I prefer to allow life in the galaxy to write its own future. Mass Effect has always been about hope; totalitarian dictatorships are not. Niquorebel Cousland (talk)

Destroy kills anything connected with the reapers which includes EDI (She was created using reaper parts) annd the Geth (Reaper Upgrades) How is that no Reaper Specific? xBornPredatorx

^ In the EC, the Catalyst states that the Crucible will not discriminate. All synthetic life will be destroyed. This generalization may simply be a way to warn the player that EDI will die along with the geth, but it can be expanded to include any artificial intelligence, Reaper tech or not. Niquorebel Cousland (talk)

Control is reaper-specific because you are Assumming (Direct) Control of the Reapers. You are replacing the Catalyst as the new reaper master. Your corporeal form dies but your ideas are used to create The Shepard. It only effects reapers because the Geth and EDI are not controlled by the catalyst. With destroy all synthetic life is destroyed pretty simple. As for Synthesis... still trying to find out a logical answer for that choice besides space magic. Guerrilla S019 (talk)

^ Possibly they subscribe to the Assassin's Creed idea that memory and personality are stored in DNA? I dunno. Synthesis is just a plain turd sandwich to me

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