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I don't think it was necessarily dragging it underground that killed it, but rather the death grip Kalros had on the reaper.

Its mobility was severely limited underground and I'm sure Kalros tore it apart there. Remember, Thresher Maws' spit acid... and that's one big and angry thresher maw we're dealing with here. Poor Destroyer. Land Raider

On the other hand Kalros could have just left it there

^ It would dig itself out, then. Besides, Thresher Maws never spare they prey. Land Raider

It was definitely partially consumed by the Reaper-- Iron in Reaper good supliment to Thresher Maw diet ;)

So, is Kalros going to be indoctrinated? Even a dead Reaper can cause indoctrination, or being in proximity to artifacts. Eating one is pretty close proximity. Basically I want to fight a Reaper-fied Kalos in a DLC...

^ I do not believe Indoctrination works on animal species. But to answer the OP im pretty sure Kalros' coiling around it (several thousand tonnes of pressure at least.) combined with the acid thresher maw's have, would have damaged it to the point of non-functionality.

Think of Kalros' grip around the Reaper Destroyer like that of a Burmese Python or Boa Constricter. It drags the prey below ground to give it less room to escape and mainly because that is where Maws live. The grip & constriction from a beast the size of Kalros must be immense. I'm sure it is thousands of pounds of pressure squeezing and boring down upon the Reapers metal shell. Hell it may even be tons of pressure but I don't know enough to estimate. It crushes and squeezes while the Reaper attempts to escape which gets it more constricted, throw on top of that the fact that Thresher Maws spit corrosive acid and probably devoured the Reaper and its organic pastey insides. Celtic505

Other than crushing the destroyer to death, and the acid spit Kalros probably drug it down to her nest where all her baby maws were. The destroyer would have got torn apart. Voltar77 19:23, May 25, 2012 (UTC)Voltar77

The destroyer was already sparking and flailing when it got pulled under. In the last moments it's resistance seemed somewhat futile. I think it's safe to say its dead. Now we just need a giant gun that shoots Thresher Maws... Atlasmaster

I believe that since that Thresher Maw was like , several lengths longer than that destroyer, it also can spit acid, and since Mordin said that the iron in the truck would supplement the Maw's diet , it would be a safe bet to say that the Reaper would be partially eaten by the Maw. ...

don't forget that thresher maws are bigger than what we see them as most of their body is conceled underground meaning kalros may have being bigger than a sovering class reaper

I imagine that it was equal parts crushing and acid spitting. Byrdology

Imagine a Reticulated Python. Now imagine a Reticulated Python the size of The Leviathan. Now imagine it ---constricting something. Do you see where I'm going here. StarkStone 18:59, May 31, 2012 (UTC)

On the other hand guys, Reaper Destroyers have element zero cores, just like the Sovereign-Class Reapers, as you can see from the fact they can defy gravity. Wouldn't you think a core powerful enough for an entire Reaper to break through a planet's atmosphere, would be able to break through the grip of a 'big worm'? 22:01, February 19, 2013 (GMT)

^ You think it wouldn't have been dragged down in the first place, then... Beside, the pressure that Kalros put on the Reaper could've damanged the Eezo Core anyways. Those things never stuck me as sturdy.Daverwulf (talk)

Eezo core can allow an object to levitate, slowly. They can't break a grip of an animal bigger than a Reaper. - MA4585159 (talk)

It's also possible the Reaper will explode and kill Kalros. Will-O-Wisp (talk)

@MA4585159: Actually, if you watch the cutscenes from the From Ashes DLC, you can see that Reapers can actually 'fly' very fast. Don't forget the Eezo Core can also allow very large objects to break through entire atmospheres, that would require *a lot* of force. @Daverwulf: It wouldn't have been dragged down, if it had calculated what Kalros was about to do, and taken the necessary measures, it was taken by surprise. I personally believe the strength of Destroyers are quite underplayed. 20:23, February 20, 2013 (GMT)

They fly fast because they weight 0 kg when mass effect fields are active. If they were capable of using them as a weapon, I'm sure it would have been observed - 2 km space squid with telekinetic abilities. Indeed, though, it should have dodged. - MA4585159 (talk)

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