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My view is that keeping the mission secret was designed almost entirely to contain political fallout. They committed insufficient resources to deal with the bomb to keep the Krogan from finding out at all, and if that fails, to convince them it was Cerberus' fault, not the Hierarchy's. Mind, it wasn't a crazy idea on Victus' part; the alliance is newly formed and papers over old and not-at-all healed wounds. Opening up this sort of dirty laundry could very easily jeopardize so fragile an alliance. Luper567 (talk)

In my opinion, perhaps Shepard could have come up with a different strategy or done things differently if he or she knew exactly what was happening on the planet. Thus, Lt Victus might have lived. But yeah, besides that, I guess that they could have come with a larger force on Tuchanka if it wasn't a secret mission (they didn't have much of a choice there however).  JohnMD (talk)

  • Thing is, he did have a choice: he could have just come clean about the bomb and trusted the krogan.  Yes, that goes against every instinct Victus and the Turian brass have, but Paragon Shepard's entire deal in this story is that if you count on people to be good and do the right thing, they basically will.  Luper567 (talk)
  • Somehow, I don't seeing turians going up to the krogan and saying: "Um, we still need your help, but we sorta put a bomb on your planet all those years ago. You know, just in case the genophage wasn't enough. Anyway, we need to get down there to defuse it.". They say honesty is the best policy, but some things are kept secret for a good reason. Why Primarch Victus refuses to divulge any information to Shepard, who is a neutral party that ends up handling the operation, is a bit of a headscratcher, though. Terminator-HIX (talk)
  • Not refused, but relied on the "Need-to-know basis" he's been trained to deal in. Turians are conservative routinized hardasses, that's their racial gimmick, their strength and their weakness. And Shepard is an apparent krogan sympathiser. - MA4585159 (talk)
  • Renegade Shepard can be completely scornful of the krogan, only going along with the cure to get the support needed to eventually retake Earth (even sabotaging it when another option is presented), and Victus still stonewalls them until after it's taken care of. I don't think that factors in, somehow. If it does, it doesn't make a lot of difference. The rest I can't argue with. Terminator-HIX (talk)

Can't Shepard get Victus to come clean about the Turian bomb before embarking on the mission to disarm it? Gosh, I've played ME3 so many times now I cannot remember but I think on my 1st playthrough I had him admit to it being Turian beforehand....but everytime I play it again I can't get him to come am I just mixed up & remembering it wrong? Is it possible to get him to come clean if you are a high enough paragon? Gosh, I'm all mixed up here, I swear I think I remember that happening but I also think I'm just mixing up different memories....anyways, is it possible to have him come clean?

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