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Same reason the sedatives couldn't keep him under in "Arrival". He's not quite human-standard anymore.

Shepard is probably much more 'hardy' than your standard human being due to the cybernetic implants her recieved as a result of the Lazarus Project. I'm actually curious as to where Shepard is, if he crash landed on earth, how did he survive? If he is in the wreckage of the Citadel (most probable), how did he survive the vacuum, coldness and lack of air of space.

^ Right, much discussion on that here; "Recall the original ME codex entries explaining the retention of atmosphere by fields. Those fields are gone... interior of the Presidium ring appears to be a shelved torus. Absent emergency bulkhead fields that too is now a vacuum (goodbye Kelly). One might expect such fields in a Presidio (fort) ..." - which the Presidium might be, though it's probably just council offices.

The tube Shepard shot exploded in his face, so he shouldn't have survived even if the Citadel hadn't exploded as well. But since he has, perhaps the decision chamber's walls didn't suffer enough damage for the decompression to occur. This might explain how Shepard can still breathe in the end. Doesn't matter; nobody knows where he is, nobody will come to save him and he will be trapped in that rubble until he dies. Will-O-Wisp

>> Will-O-Wisp, there's also the fact, that Joker just flew away with the rest of the squad like a total coward and crash-landed somewhere far far away, and with the relays and technology gone not even those people could help, so yep, slow slow death for Shep... Not that the end would have made any sense at all otherwise.... :)) Simi21

What's stopping them? Someone found his dead body in ME2.

Grit, spit, and a whole lot of duct tape! Byrdology

"Dead is Dead", (unless it suits Bioware)

Keepers formed a shield around the body to keep Shep safe. It's a little known fact keepers fart oxygen, so he wouldn't suffocate.

Same way he survived space. There's a component of his armour called "Plot" (not that there is much in the way of plot for the last 5 minutes, the writers having lost it...).

  • No, you are right... in the last sequence of the game his armor of plot holiness is boiled away and at that point it's "anything goes"Byrdology

He wasn't even on the Citadel. He was on the ground where Harbinger shot him, beating the Reaper's attempt at Indoctrinating him. That's why he is surrounded by Concrete, NOT Metal. If you choose Control or Synthesis, you will see that scene too, it'll be alot different though. Harbingers voice blares in Shepard's head "ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!". As a horrifcly mangled Shepard stands up, his implants glow deep blue. He sees an Alliance Search and Rescue team accompanied by his two squad mates, they greet him, as they walk toward the Conduit, Shepard glows with blue Biotic fields and eviscerates the team and his two squadmates with unmatched power. Shepard spots the rest of his crew, horrified at what they have seen, Shepard then engages them in saddening end to the series. If you kept your will strong and Choosed DESTROY, you will wake up with your squadmates, and head to the Conduit to defeat the Reapers once and for all. If the Indoctrination theory isn't true, Bioware has absolutley F***ed up.- John M. Shepard

^ You should read this. Nobody knows what material the Citadel is made of. Also, this video can explain it even better. Will-O-Wisp

It's not like the Citadel was pulverized by the explosion or anything. It just broke up into its individual arms. It's not impossible that parts (or even most) of the thing could still be operational.

Well, John, then they f***ed up, because BioWare stated that Shepard is *still* on the Citadel. I would conjecture that the Crucible was destroyed, and the Citadel only sustained moderate damage. Not that it really matters, it's still messed up. BladeZero

The greater implication if you choose destroy or synthesis is the ward arms falling into Earth's Atmosphere and causing a cataclysmic event. As for Shepard surviving... your guess is as good as mine. Considering where he was at and all. The place where he "landed" implies he is either on Earth (Indoc. Theory) or somehow managed to land himself on one of the ward arms. Which raises all sort of questions in it's own right.

My assumption was Shepard managed to get back to the room he started from, and used the teleportation beam to get back to London. There's got to be a good, what, 2 - 3 minutes between blowing up that bulkhead, and the destruction of the Crucible?

The only way is for the indoctrination theory to be true. Nafnoid

When the station blew up parts of the citadel sealed itself

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