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TIM is bassically off the map for the majority of the game. In fact, I think the last time you see him in his office is his talk with Kai Leng after the Citadel coup attempt. He could have travled to the Citadel at almost any time, but I personally belive he arrived at the Citadel just as you were beginning the assualt on Cronos Station, as that would fit with the timesale. TIM got to the Citadel just before the Reapers did, so when the Reapers closed it and towed it to Earth, he was inside and spent the time looking for the Catalyst.

  • I agree with you. It would make sense for him to arrive on the Citadel as you are beginning your assault on his HQ. He was probably left alone by the reaper forces because of his indoctrination if reaper forces made their way into the Citadel that is. JohnMD (talk)

By the end of ME3, almost everyone within Cerberus is indoctrinated. The Illusive Man (believing that he is still in control) knowing that the Citadel is the final component needed to complete the crucible, travels to the Citadel, likely aided by the Reapers. He believes that when the Crucible is delivered he will be able to activate it and take control of the Reapers. In actuality he has simply become Saren. Believing that he will be the savior of the galaxy, when he is actually defending it's destruction.

  • BioWare pretty much left a lot of things unexplained, that's a bummer on their part. Orbrital (talk)

The Reapers probably got him onboard so the crucible wouldn't be activated. It's pretty much a forgone conclusion. Daverwulf (talk)

There is also another explenation. Shepard never went up to the Citadel and his body was still on London in his/her LIs hands (In my case, Tali's hands). Shepard was getting indoctrinated by Harbinger after the blast. Harbinger just needed to stop Shepard so that he might begin his job. What we see as the decision chamber is actually in Shepard's mind. There is no logical reason for Shepard to simply remain untouched. Also, have you ever noticed the oily shadows when confronting the Illusive Man? Indoctrination. And Anderson looking towards the player instead of the Illusive Man? Anderson was addressing Shepard by looking at the player's POV. Atleast those are my two cents. -Stealer-L1F3 (talk)

^^Keep your two cents. IT has been debunked...forever. It was interesting and thought provoking's wrong.

  • One, you don't need to be rude because you disagree...and two, it hasn't been debunked at all as BW just stayed pretty neutral on it and if anything, Harbinger's voice coming out of Star Kid only helped to fuel it. Xelestial (talk)

Regarding the question...I assume he was headed toward the Citadel or at the Citadel by the time you get to Kai Leng as he's only there in holo-form. I think it's just extremely strange he went there in person but I suppose he figured it'd be safest with the Alliance coming to fight him. I also have no idea how he just called up Harbinger and went "Hey buddy, got some info for you..." Xelestial (talk)

  • I'm gonna try and not go all IT on this one. Apparently, The Illusive Man implanted some Reaper cybernetics into himself (I'm going from a non-IT POV right now) . So I assume that Harbinger got control of the Illusive Man entirely and convinced him that he is working in the good of humanity. So Shepard had to kill him to get past to the decision chamber. Atleast, I believe that's how it is from a non-IT POV. Captain John vas Normandy (talk)
  • Yeah, for answers, I try to go with what is the apparent canon and not IT...IT can't be proved so it's not fair to use that until and unless we ever find out it's canon. Plus it calls out the trolls. Anyway yes I believe all that...I guess you are saying then, that Harbinger already knew what TIM knew because he had control of him? Xelestial (talk)
  • Yes, partly only. Harby most likely gained influence over TIM during his voyage with Hislop and Core after the FCW. I forgot the name of that novel, but it is clearly said in it how TIM gets his cybernetic eyes. That's where I understood that TIM is indoctrinated, partly. So, when he implanted the Reaper upgrades, the Reapers took control of him and forced him to defend humanity against the evil that is Commander Shepard. Captain John vas Normandy (talk)

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