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In your first conversation with her, there should be a dialogue option called "Change your identity" or something like that. Make sure to use it when it appears. Terminator-HIX

Yes. It's the renegade option, too, which seems to catch teenage boy players out. The paragon option is to stay and work with the refugees. The devs really wanted Kelly dead. SDoradus (talk)

  • To be fair, BioWare did outline that you can move between alignments without significant consequence in ME3's Reputation system. What they didn't outline was that not all bottom-of-the-wheel options give Renegade points, since most actions increase points for both alignments through neutral Reputation bonuses; the proportion of Paragon to Renegade points decides how those bonus points are distributed between the two alignments; the "Change your identity" option is one such instance. Now, chewing out Kelly for spying on you in her second or third conversation, THAT gives you straight Renegade points (and leads to Kelly committing suicide off screen). Terminator-HIX  

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