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Through the same process a husk would be made i presume.Thane Kolyt (talk)

Speculation to follow: Nano machines set to manipulate genetic material, rip apart and rebuild the body as the reapers see fit, manipulate the electric signals in the brain to control the target, all powered by the bodies own organic material and adrenal glads providing the boost in production. At least that's how I assume they'd do it if the process is similar to Husks who are able to be made in the field. If the process is anything like the Brute then Ardat Yakshi require a processing ship to cut them up and rebuild them. Since we don't see one of these ships present at the AY monastery I'd go with my first guess.

We don't see the so called "dragon teeth" in the monastery either. Wackymidget (talk)

Henry Lawson speculates the Dragons Teeth are just a way to promote adrenal functioning to quickly convert someone and he created husks without using the Teeth. If one AY has the nano machines in her, then when she thrusts her claw through someone it can serve the same purpose as the Dragons Teeth. Once you get one it can grow exponentially. All you need is to have the target asari with the latent AY genes so they can use the black eyes/death touch. Still, this is mere speculation based off folowing a rabbit trail... KaedAemoh (talk)

Why does everyone think only the Ardat-Yakshi are banshees? First, Samara says there are only 3 of them, all of which are her children. Second, if you kill Morinth, that leaves 2. When you go to the monastery, one of her children is missing, while Samara is protecting her third. Falore(?) detonates the bomb, killing herself and the remaining Reapers, saving Samara, her last daughter, and Shepard. Thunder (talk)

  • Because a) the Codex says so: "Banshees are the corrupted asari often found leading a Reaper strike force. The Reapers create them specifically from asari with active or latent predispositions to becoming Ardat-Yakshi, a rare neurological condition that enhances the asari's biotic power while causing the immediate death of anyone she mates with," b) the Codex also says that Ardat-Yakshi are nowhere near as rare as Samara implies: "Contrary to popular belief, Ardat-Yakshi are neither extremely rare (around one per cent of asari dwell on the AY spectrum), nor are they all murderers. Most cultivate and discard countless exploitative or abusive relationships during their legally marginal lives." This is actually backed up by 2 pieces of evidence in ME3: a) the Lesuss facility is far bigger than would be needed to house 2 people, b) if you pay attention to the PTSD asari's story, she implies that the other asari commando (Neaira) was on the AY spectrum, when she says something like "I wanted it to be more, but she had this condition..." I personally think that Samara was speaking poetically when she said there were only 3 AYs; there are only 3 she cares about, and hunting Morinth has been her quest for hundreds of years. Luper567 (talk)
  • Plus, if you read through the datalogs found while at Lessus AY Monastery, they mention new AY being brought in and events that take place that involve Ardat-Yakshi that aren't Falere or Rila. DDCris (talk)

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