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Stylised execution? As in a Gears of War-esque execution move with special animations? You can't AFAIK. Terminator-HIX 02:23, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

yeah you can. I've seen people grab people and stab them. And in the trailer I saw a salarian do a flip over a guy

Just press B while in cover near a Cerberus operative and you will grab him k.

^^ Oh, the grab move...that one's easy; all you gotta do for that is take cover on the opposite side of a cover piece an enemy is using, and hit the heavy melee button when the marker appears. Of course, it has to be a cover piece thin enough to vault over in order for it to work. Terminator-HIX

^^^ To add onto what you said you can also do it from the side of cover if there is an enemy around the corner.

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