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I assume you are talking about in ME3 in which case you have to:

  • Gain her loyalty in ME2 which means doing her loyalty mission in ME2 and either settling the dispute between her and jack peacefully or in her favor.
  • When seen on the Citadel the first time in ME3 respond with the intention to help
  • Before talking to her again after the attemped coup Read Kai Leng's Dossier in your e mails. this means putting the cursor on it until it becomes unhighlighted
  • Responding positively to her in the conversation about Kai Leng
  • Giving her alliance resources when she asks
  • Not breaking off your romance with her if you did one with her in ME2
  • Charming or intimidating Henry to let Oriana go
  • If improted a save where you romanced her in ME2, you Can't break-up with her.Forever224 (talk)

Forever224 (talk)

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