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Suicide Mission

You follow the chart. Anish

Simple, get everyone loyal (this is usually done AFTER the Collector Ship and BEFORE THE IFF as post IFF you can only do one mission before heading to the Collector Base before half the crew i melted down to nothing, this one mission should be Legion's loyalty mission..., upgrade the ship weaponry, armour and shields (Speak to Garrus, Jacob and Tali about Normandy Upgrades). After that when you embark on the Suicide Mission follow the diagram Anish posted.But as a simplified version I would sugges:

1.t using Garrus as the lead er of the second team every time (his abilities aren't overly effective against the Collector's but Miranda's are priceless) and use Legion or Tali (doesn't really matter which) as your engineer.

2. Send anyone who has a low defensive rating (Mordin, Tali, Jack) to escort the crew back to the Normandy.

3. For each part I would suggest using Miranda+Mordin for the first part (infiltrating the base vs. ALOT of collectors, both have powers that are very effective against Armour+Health and Barrier+Health, note that none of the Collector's usen Shields...)

4. Samara+Miranda vs. the Husks and Collector's in the Long Walk use Jack as the Biotic Specialist and again select Garrus as the fireteam leader as he will shrug of the injury and keep fighting.Following this send Jack or Tali to escort the crew.

5. Switch back to Mordin+Miranda for the Platforms and Final Boss. Trust me Incinerate and Warp are some beasts abilities against the collectors (as well as the Scions you run into on the Platforms...) Heavy Incinerate + Heavy Warp should coserve alot of ammo vs. Scions and Harbinger (and Husks and Abominations on the harder difficulties when they gain Armour) Also as an added bonus you are using two members of thesquad with relatively low defensive scores (NOte that you need a Defense Score over a certain threshold for the "Hold the Line Team" to all survive, this should be compirsed of Zaeed, Garrus, grunt and everyone else though

Final Point: If you follow through with these actions (Upgrading Sheidls, get everyone loyal BEFORE heading to the Reaper IFF Mission and only get Legion loyal AFTER the IFF before heading to the Collector Base EVERYONE should survive (well I saw everyone but insteado f Kelly being melted down you will see a random crew member... far less tragic if you ask me...) 13:40, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

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