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Before anyone posts any spoilers: this decision doesn't have any serious effect on ME3. It gets mentioned in some conversations, and preserving the base gives you a War Asset later in the game. Mitranim

^Yeah thats really it the rest is just up to personal choice and the war asset isnt NEEDED nice to have sure but you can get by without it

Without spoiling, it does indeed affect the game's ending. The endings are split in half depending on if you saved or destoryed it. So yes, IT HEAVILY affects the game.

^No it doesn't heavily affect the game, w/o spoiling the ending, it just gives you a war asset

^ If you save the base you get more military strength ( ~+125) later on even if you blow the base up you only get (~+100) military strength. it doesnt effect the ending if you completed most of the side quests anyway,

So all these guides are lying to me?

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