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Suppose Bioware should have given each Husk it's monacle.

The ones based on humans all look the same because they all have the same base material (a human being) which is modified to become a husk. The reason why they are all alike is that it would be been too much time consumming and ressource consumming to have different husk designs for that same creature when it serves no other purpose than an esthetic one. JohnMD (talk)

Haven't husks always looked exactly the same? Because I'm pretty sure they have (with the exception of Abominations, but that's a different story). Terminator-HIX (talk)

From a technical standpoint, it's probably because it's easier to just have one husk model. From an in-universe standpoint, it's probably because of the methods used to create husks remove much of the organic aspects, much of which are what makes one person different from another. Husks lose their eyes, hair, and muscle mass. I don't think it's too far to assume body fat is converted, too. The skin is obviously altered too. Judging from the pictures, I'd say it looks like something may happen to reproductive organs, too. So, the process takes away eye color, hair, hair color, body shape, skin color, and possibily even sex.

It may also have something to do with selection. The Reapers/Collectors/geth (depending on the game) probably see certain individuals as better suited for being turned into husks (e.g., the ones strong enough to be of some use on the battlefield). Others, like children, the lame, etc. are probably used either to build praetorians or are just melted down. TheUnknown285 (talk)

The Husk from ME 2 are different, there is a dialog where Commander Shepard states it.

SystematicOppression (talk)

  • Thats compared to the husks made by the geth in ME1, im talkin about husks in ME3 Donkeyteeth (talk)
  • Lol. When he said they looked different I wen't O.o "Really, how would you know?". I did notice the lack of shield destroying husks of convenient emp on the other hand. It seems they preferred to beat me with their bare hands...kind of a step down really.

The would all be the same because all they use is the genetic make up of an object, if you payed attention to the civilians they all have a basic shapre, so if they "husked" a turian it would only have a turian body shape. Think of giant cloning machine that removes all the organs and creates a pile of them on the floor. (A la Collectors drone ship).

SystematicOppression (talk)

I think it's got something to do with the reason you never see any fat people in ME and why most individuals have a uniform height... Which is to say, less work for the programmers and smaller texture size. I think I can suspend disbelief on this one; adding lifelike variety to entities so numerous as NPSs would consume a ton of programming time and effort and inflate the game files something fierce with less benefit than other improvements (most of which we'll never know about as I'm sure there was a lot of those implemented before release) would have. As for improvements that aren't there... I think sometimes I'd apprecite more detail in far-background surroundings, especially in in-game cinematics, where you can often plainly see the part of the map that's the level you just went/are about to go through has detail several orders beyond the rest of the scene (e.g. ME3: Priority: The Citadel II, during the skycar chase when you fly by the map you'll shortly do battle on, or ME3 DLC: Retake the Normandy where you see the catwalks you just went through on an otherwise relatively featureless dock in the closing zoom-out post-mission). It'd look massive if that level of detail could be applied to suitable wide-angle shots in cutscenes (though it'd probably stretch loading time significantly on most machines). Misacek01 (talk)

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