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i was wondering the exact same thing. I have a lot of dlc armor on ME2 (e.g. collector armor, kestrel, etc.) and I was wondering if people were going to be able to use it in ME3. I do believe somebody said the armor and weapons transfer into ME3, but so far (i just finished palaven) I have seen none of my old armor.

Armor are available through stores located around the Citadel. They don't transfer them back directly to you as far as I can see. So far, the only things I've gotten back are my model ships (which were hidden around the Normandy), my Space Hamster (Also found on the Normandy), and my fish (which Kelly returned to me). My DLC weapons I've only found lying around on certain levels, like my Mattock rifle, and every armor ever made, including the Collector Armor, Blood Dragon, Inferno, and Cerberus Armor needs to be bought for 50,000 credits each. Armor pieces like the Krestel Armor are however missing. Then again, I haven't gotten that far into the game yet.

I don't think weapons do get transferred over to Mass Effect 3 because when I first got to see my loadout, I saw the basic weapons plus the weapons I got from pre-ordering my copy. At least I'm not worried about getting all of the DLC for Mass Effect 2 from what I saw so far in my first playthrough.

Also, it looks like Kestral armor wasn't at any citidel shops when I checked (lv. 39), but Colecter, Inferno, Cerberus, and Temious, even that dragon age promotional one is all there.

You can find pieces of Kestrel but they're called differently, and you might need to make some ingame progress before they appear in stores (similarly to some armor pieces in ME2). They are manufactured by Rosenkov Materials. Mitranim

BTW, it's spelled "access", that is, if you mean "to obtain possession or use of; to gain entrance to a location". "Excess" means "being over/surpassing a certain amout/magnitude". "Excess DLC packs" sounds like you have too many DLCs and no use for them. 09:02, March 8, 2012 (UTC)

I recall reading the same thing while waiting for ME3. I think we were promised something we didn't get, again... (*cough* wildly different conclusions *cough*) That or it might just saved the developers more time recycling old armor and weapons for us to unlock again than to reward long time players and create new armor and weapons for use to have to unlock. I'm also sure that we were suppose to get all our weapon upgrades imported as well (like Heavy Pistol Upgrade and such that we spent time finding and reseaching).

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