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How does the increased damage taken by a target (warp/pull,...) and armor weakening (cryo/warp ammo,cryo blast,...) works?

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SINGLEPLAYER: Cryo Ammo - Weaken the armor of chilled targets by X%; Warp Ammo- Weaken armored targets by an additional X%; Cryo Blast, Warp and Warp ammo- Weaken armored targets by an additional X%. -->I think that the powers above reduces the effectiveness of the armor protecting targets (reduces the damage reduction provided) but does not enable superior penetration of armor plated targets. But is the weakening of the armor only enjoyed by the squadmate who used it?? Is it only for the bullets that follow or powers too?

Warp "Expose"- Increase weapon damage taken by a target by 15%. Increase power damage taken by a target by 15% for 10 seconds. --> Is the one that casted warp, the one that can enjoy that damage increase?

Cryo Blast "Cryo Explosion/Frozen Vulnerability" - Increase damage to chilled and frozen targets by X% --->Is the one that casted cryo blast the one that can enjoy that damage increase? Is the damage increase only for the bullets that follow (weapon damage) or powers too?

Pull "Expose"- Increase all damage to targets lifted by Pull by 25% --->I assume that everyone in the party enjoys the damage increase from the pull. Correct?

Is Incinerate "Freeze Combo" still bugged (SP)? JShep (talk)

Powers that increase the damage taken by enemies or reduce armor effectiveness for a duration apply to damage inflicted by any characters, including the caster, squadmates in SP, and other players in MP.

Powers that are described as "weaken armor" reduce the amount of weapon damage that is mitigated by armor. Powers do not have their damage mitigated by armor, and certain weapons are not affected by armor damage reduction.

Unless a power specfies "weapon damage taken" or "power damage taken", then the power affects all sources of damage. LilyheartsLiara (talk)

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