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With a carry limit of 50 and a weapon with a weight stat of 50, your cooldown bonus would sit on 0% (no bonus or penalty). When the cumulative weight of your equipped weapons exceeds the weight capacity of your class, that's when you start incurring cooldown penalties.

Obviously, different classes have different weight capacities, which can be boosted by up to 100% with the proper evolutions of the relevant class power:

  • Adepts and Engineers have a weight capacity of 50
  • Vanguards, Sentinels, and Infiltrators have a capacity of 70
  • Soldiers have a capacity of 100

(Keep in mind that these numbers only apply to Shepard in SP; the different classes and kits in MP are a whole other story.) Terminator-HIX

Not true, or you would never have +200% cooldown time. Up to you capacity is the weight of weapons you can carry while maintaining +200%, then every weight-point exceeding corresponds (in percentage) to 1 point loss in cooldown reduction, up to the -200% limit. E.G: Soldier Shep, capacity of 100, equipped with a level 10 Claymore (2.00 weight-points) has +100% cooldown bonus; same Shep with a Claymore X (2.00) and a Particle Rifle X (1.40) would have -40% cooldown bonus, etc.  Nablaz (talk)

200% + Base Class Capacity - Weapon(s) Weight  + Any bonuses = Cooldown bonus, which is -200% to 200%

  • Example: 200% + 30%(Quarian Male Infiltrator) - 200%(Black Widow X)  + 10%(Quarian Defender Rank 1 bonus) = +40% Cooldown Bonus Yoheresmoreshow (talk)

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