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A dreadnought might (perhaps) cost more to build than the training of an N7 team. But "Worth" in terms of war readiness asset value is measured against the likely impact on a likely enemy. Just one dreadnought against a Reaper would be dead metal vapour, as seen in the opening seconds of the game. But at least one N7 team (counting Shepard and Vega, say) has brought down several Reapers, by diverse means. SDoradus (talk)

  • Exactly! Guerilla tactics by an elite force would be much more useful than a dreadnought against the Reapers given they (Reapers) have superior technology and firepower.  JohnMD (talk)
  • Doesn't it take the combined firepower of 4 dreadnoughts to reliably destroy a Reaper capital ship? That's what the Codex says, at least. Meanwhile, the N7 Special Ops (which, coincidentally, usually operate in groups of 4) keep numerous vital strategic assets out of enemy hands, often in the face of overwhelming opposition. It's pretty clear which is worth more to the war effort in the long run. Terminator-HIX

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