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Even in the best case scenarios (high EMS Control/Destroy), it will be decades, possibly centuries. Maybe never. Remember, it took decades to rebuild Japan and Germany after WW2, and that had 1) a basically untouched U.S. to front the money for reconstruction and 2) vastly less thorough-going destruction. No such luck with here, with the main transportation infrastructure destroyed and no untouched major power (granted, it does appear that the Salarians were mostly untouched by the war, but they were a clear third banana in terms of galactic power). Luper567 (talk)

  • Might not take that long with Reapers helping. Judging that most of the Earth was destroyed, I would hope that money would not be a factor and people would try to work for the greater good and for the sake of just seeing Earth rebuild. But then again, we're humans so the possibility do exist that we turn against each other (ex: pillaging, etc) in those hard times. If that was to open, I guess Earth could never get back to what it was or it would take a long time.  JohnMD (talk)
  • But Palaven, Thessia and many other core industrial worlds were significantly damaged by the Reaper invasion as well.  Khar'Shan was burnt to the ground by the Reapers.  Tuchanka was burnt to the ground long before that.  Rannoch has it's own problems, even in the best cases.  The resources and industrial capacity to rebuild has to come from somewhere, and I'm not sure how useful the Reapers would be for that. Luper567 (talk)

They've got fabricators that can produce a disposable blade, coat it in fire, and stab an enemy in less than a second, plus a thing called omni-gel. I'm pretty sure they could get a steamrolled city back up and running within a year, fully restored in 2-5. Consider the Citadel, which had the heaviest damage around the Presidium and they fixed that up within a year, with most of the Wards, each one the size of 22nd century New York, mostly back to normal. Granted, they had the keepers and resources pouring in from all over Citadel space, but it shouldn't take centuries to rebuild Earth. It'll probably take until the end of Anderson's life (about 30-50 years) as he stated for absolutely everything, and I doubt Shepard's last choice has any effect on the timetable. RShepard227 (talk)

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