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Only a "few weeks" pass between the Battle of Earth and the Battle of Rannoch. Aside from that, we don't have concrete dates. - MA4585159 (talk)

After Rannoch, the ball really gets rolling; Shepard goes to Thessia, which then turns into a race against the clock to find the Catalyst. If the events leading up to Rannoch were a "few weeks" I would say another week or so until the battle on Earth...So, 1-1.5 months total? The only question is where the DLC missions fit in and how long do they last?  Ant423 (talk)

calculated this at some point. The timeline for the ME games as far as I got it:

ME1 start: 10 nov 2183

ME1 end: 26 dec 2183

ME2 start: 26 jar 2186

ME2 end: 28 mar 2186

ME3 start: 27 sep 2186

ME3 end: 2 dec 2186

so 67 days Ecirt (talk)

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