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None. You can just take the last interrupt, IME - I did it as all-Paragon and still killed him (shouldn't have told me that I can't kill him... hate it when somebody tells me I can't do something in a game) Land Raider

I meant in order for Aria to strangle Petrovsky outright instead of sparing him and leaving his fate up to you. I know you can play it entirely paragon and still have the option of busting a cap in his head. DC19 (talk)

EDIT: Alright, I checked it out for myself - don't have the precise breakdown; overall I agreed with Aria more often than not but sided with Nyreen a few times. Most critically, I went for the reactor reroute option instead of listening to Aria screaming "Hit the ****ing button!" That changed some of the dialogue (sadly, it removed Aria's "I like it when you're feisty" farewell to Nyreen) and got Aria to choke Petrovsky to death. Afterwards, she stated she couldn't figure my Shep out, and there was no post-murder smooch. Which was a good thing, because I'm sure Garrus wouldn't have liked Aria macking on his girl :p DC19 (talk)

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