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In ME2, Commander Shepard can earn up to 51 squad points by reaching the cap of level 30. You get 2 points at level 1, 2 per level until level 20 (after which you get 1 per level), and 1 free point upon selecting a bonus power (which is automatically assigned to the first rank of said power). Every squadmate save Miranda, Jacob, and Liara (in LotSB) gets 30 points. Miranda and Jacob both get 31 points, while Liara only gets 29.

In ME3, Commander Shepard can earn up to 181 squad points by reaching the cap of level 60. Here, you get 3 points at level 1, 2 per level until you hit level 30, and 4 per level from level 31-60. On an Level 30 ME2 import, Shepard will have points assigned to all of their ME2 powers, plus somewhere between 10-20 leftover points to assign (depending on what you do with bonus powers in both ME2 and ME3). Main game squadmates can earn 90 squad points to spend on their powers. Squadmates acquired in the Citadel DLC (i.e. Wrex and the Armax Arsenal allies) only get 89 points. Luper567 (talk)

In ME1, Shepard gets 100 points to spend by level 60 (plus 2 points auto-assigned to starting abilities), and squadmates get 80 (plus 2 auto-assigned points). Shepard automatically gains extra points for general use from their Spectre induction and extra points in the Charm and Intimidate skills by raising the Paragon and Renegade meters above certain thresholds. Terminator-HIX

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