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The amount of skill points you gain depends on your class. At level 60, all your skills will be maxed.

102 by my count. This isn't counting the free points you get in Charm/Intimidate for filling out the Paragon/Renegade bars. This is from an Infiltrator, so I can't comment on if they're all the same or not, but I don't see any reason they should get different talent point totals.

Definitely 102, for any class (Shepard only, squadmates will have 82). Except, 2 of those points are spent automatically on certain talents, depending on your class, so you dont get to pick those (see the 'talents" page on the wiki for more info), and you can get free charm/intimidate points (I think about 4 each is maximum per playthru, but you can get as many as you want til its full if you play thru multiple times with the same character). These points depend on how high your paragon/renegade meters get to. Each time you reach a new plateau in paragon or renegade you get a free charm/intimidate point (see "morality" page for more info). Since you can get up to 12 in each, that means you could have a total of 126 talent points, if you play thru enough times to get full charm and intimidate, and dont spend any points on those talents.

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