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I believe they can carry only 2, only the soldier can carry all weapons at once. Also, weapons seem to have some characteristic called weight, which effects the cool downs of powers. Anish

what do you mean? Beside your pistol and sub machine gun you can carry over only 2 weapons? so you can carry an assault rifle and sniper rifle for example?

^ I mean 2 overall or something along those lines. Bioware has commented on this before, they said that only the soldier would be able to carry all weapons, with our classes being limited, I am assuming 2 because that's how many weapons they hold by default in ME2(without training) Anish

^ You're working off old info there, bud. According to more recent stuff BioWare has put out, all classes can carry up to 5 weapons at once, as well as a single heavy weapon. Those 5 weapons can be of any type, but limits still exist, in the form of the new "weight capacity" mechanic. Each class has a specific weight capacity, which can be increased through investing points in the class power (Tech Mastery, in the Engineer's case), as well as specific weapon mods and upgrades. Exceed this weight capacity, and you become "encumbered"; suffering penalties to movement speed and power cooldowns, among other things. To answer the question, the Engineer can carry an assault rifle and a sniper rifle at once, but it's likely that Engineer would only be able to carry one other light weapon (like a heavy pistol or SMG) without being encumbered. Terminator-HIX

^I was using a mix of old and new info. :P Well, I am assuming the soldier doesn't suffer from the weight problem because thats all a soldier CAN use, 5 guns. Thanks for the update. Anish

^ Actually, the weight capacity applies to all classes. It's just that the Soldier has the highest weight capacity of any class, meaning they can equip 5 guns at once without being encumbered (unless someone decides to equip the Claymore, Revenant, and the Widow at the same time, in which case all bets are off). Terminator-HIX

<Actually soldiers carries all weapons,vangaurd and infiltertot can carry 3 while the casters are 2 with including pistol and heavy weapons

<Also weight actually it affects the power recharge

^This is what I was talking about. Anish

In ME3, any class can carry five weapons, 1 SMG, 1 Sniper rifle, and so on. Evry weapon has weight, though, and if the weight limit on your character is exceeded (Engineer has one of the least), there is a penalty to power recharge speed. In Multiplayer, every class can only carry two weapons.

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