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I knew I was right just hade to pose as a question but if mass is already going faster than light decreasing energy by any means like increasing mass using Eezo would cause a tachyon style acceleration to infinite speeds maybe mass relays do that but it's math we already know today every starship should be able to do this it would be harder to make a black hole eats light but not people witch biopics do on a regular basis

SDoradus (talk) bangs head against wall

You should take a shot for every misspelling, and ignoring of lore. You'll probably pass out.Forever224 (talk)

Regrettably, SDoradus (talk) has never been in the habit of drinking. It interferes with mathematics, and makes motorcycling problematic. Except for a year or so in France (where being teetotal meant very funny looks from all one's peers, and also meant being saddled with the duty of getting the booze from over the border in Spain because one could be relied upon not to sample the merchandise).

In fact, SDoradus (talk) has never even been drunk, save for one unfortunate incident at a twenty-first birthday party when some grubby individual spiked the fruit punch with vodka and I never knew till I swung a leg over the Honda to go home - then fell over the other side. Ah, the silvery tinkling laughter of amused damsels, dammit. 

Moderation and self-control are the keys to responsible and safe drinking my friend.Forever224 (talk)

  • Tell it to the guy (girl?) who spiked the punch...

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