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That seems like a likely outcome, assuming Legion is being truthful about his geth opposing the Reapers. Although as I understand it, theoretically the geth (even Legion's geth) shouldn't have much to worry about when it comes to the Reapers, who mostly seem interested in organic life. You'd think the geth could just ask to be left alone beyond the Perseus Veil or something while the Reapers decimate organics.

And all that said, the decision of rewriting the geth is always one that makes me a bit twitchy. The fact that most of your squadmates seem to be against the idea sends up a real red flag for me, too. Makes me wonder if we weren't supposed to take that as a "hint, hint" of sorts from the devs that rewriting might not be the best idea (like say, perhaps Legion's geth will become dangerous later on, as Miranda suggests).

Yeah, even i noticed that just about every squad mate was against rewriting the geth, but i decided to do it anyways. :) K1LLERAnish 12:05, October 25, 2011 (UTC)

Rewritting was paragon option, right? If yes, I assume that geth will be your allies :). Just my opinion, we´ll see....

Well I think Cassy Hudson said that Legion will play a large part in ME3 as your ally, it would be safe to presume that if you help him re-write the geth that they will come to the organics aid.

I doubt the reapers would just leave highly developed sentient beings to do whatever they want for 50,000 years just because they're synthetic. Simply having knowledge of the reapers' existence makes them a liability. The reapers will try to completely eliminate the geth. The question is whether they'll use them (possibly through rewriting) in the harvest first. [[Special:Contributions/|Delspencerdeltorro 19:51, October 25, 2011 (UTC)]]

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