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Well it all depends on your preference. If you want to be the big hero good guy who always helps people go Paragon. If you want to be a badass who kills anyone in his way go Renegade. But just because say you pick paragon doesn't mean you can't pick renegade choices too (or the other way around). I personally prefer to be a Paragade, a guy who always helps good people out but also goes hard on criminals, thugs, or whoever he just doesn't like. I always max out the Paragon bar and bring the Renegade bar very close to the end so I can pick charm or intimidate in all scenarios.

Agreed.I am mostly a Paragon,i try to be logical and help others but when people deserve it,criminals mostly.Fortunately,ME isnt the typical morla game where you have to be good or evil,being hard on someone who deserves it doesnt hurt your otherwise good figure.Some people DO deserve some beating.

IMO for the game to be fun,dont go Paragon or Renegade,pick whichever choise you would pick in real life.

Exactly. Mortality in Mass Effect is not black and white, it's in shades of grey. There is no good or evil, because ultimately you will be a hero, but the question is what choices will you make to become that hero? For most dialogue choices it's not even a Paragon / Renegade choice, it's what would you say? It doesn't really matter what you are, just because your a Paragon doesn't mean you can't punch a bitchy reporter if she pisses you off, just because your a Renegade doesn't mean you can't choose to go save some hostages if you want to. There is no limitations because it's all about what you would choose.

When I play the Mass Effect games, I pick mostly Paragon, second most of the time I'm neutral, and a small amount of the time I'm Renegade. I basically play the game the way I would choose in real life. I would do ALOT of Paragon, sometimes I would do neutral, and small amount of the time I'm renegade. That's how I like it. -TOMCAT1025


Having done ME2 playthroughs where I play as nothing but Paragon, and playthroughs where I play as nothing but Renegade, I find it better to be generally Paragon. Partially it's because it feels like a Renegade Shepard doesn't come across as a badass so much as a bully a lot of time (which is really not that fun, honestly), and partially it's because I find that Renegade dialogue choices often tend to get you shown up by other characters (especially those that also have a darker disposition, like Grunt, Jack or Aria), which, again, not cool. Renegade dialogue choices also generally tend to make Shepard come across as a poorer leader and strategist (e.g., expressing disinterest in doing squadmates' loyalty missions, wanting to get the Reaper IFF before the team is ready, etc.), and I find that Renegade Shepard's disposition also feels a bit contrived sometimes. Like he/she is deliberately trying to come across as an ass, as opposed to just, uh, naturally being an ass. As others have said, I feel that the best way to go is mostly Paragon, with perhaps some neutral and a little bit of Renegade thrown in here and there.


I have found that choosing all out one or the other helps, as it can be difficult to use the conversational benfits that come with being paragon or renegade. I personally go paragon, but make choices that I think are best for Shepard, or choices that contradict the Illusive Man and hurt the adversaries(baddies). For example, I killed the guy working on the gunship for the Blue Suns leader on the Archangel mission, not exactly fair to the guy but gave Shepard a badass edge and made the gunship weaker, so it balances out. One piece of advice I could offer is that also, due to an oddly stuctured good/evil system(e.g."hi, how are you" = morally good option, "hi" = neutral option), just pick the top right/blue conversational options to become a paragon that can actually use the paragon speech options, and bottom right/red options to become a renegade that can actually use renegade speech options.


Or you can take the completely detached aproach, thinking of your character as a person who'll manipulate or kill with equal ease to attain your goals, thus not really caring about which action is taken as long as it gets the job done in the most efficient way. Quite a fun way to go... It will, of course, probably result in you picking paragon options most of the time, with a couple of renegade interrupts thrown in...

From a functional standpoint, the paragon checks I believe are lower than the renegade ones. So its easier to run a paragon game and throw a couple paragon interupts or checks in there. Trying to go the other way around though might get you into trouble. I've had difficult times importing paragon characters and getting them to the renegade side for high speech checks. Ryanshowseason2 13:28, November 7, 2011 (UTC)