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I would assume that the bars in the Planet Scanning interface that fill as you collect more of each of the four mineral types have to be filled (all green) to get the full bonus. I'm not sure about that, but I'm in the middle of an ME2 playthrough right now, so I could make or break that theory in the next day or so. Terminator-HIX

  • I tried filling them all. I had a little more than 25k of each one (maybe 30k of some), and still got 25 war assets. Please don't tell me I need 100k of each mineral. For the love of Jesus, please don't. Will-O-Wisp (talk)
  • Yeah, I just realised. Well, getting 100,000 units of element zero is quite difficult in ME2 AFAIK. I remember collecting about 300,000 minerals all up in my last ME2 playthrough, and that got me the full 100 points when I imported, so you might have to do some resource grinding to get it, at least. Terminator-HIX
  • Edit: It turns out that you will need to collect at least 100k of each type of mineral BEFORE the Suicide Mission. Apparently, any resources collected after the main story is completed don't count toward the War Asset. Terminator-HIX

If you ask me, I think it's actually related to completing the Mineral Resources quest in ME1. I could be wrong.Ytsejam09 (talk)

  • Did that, too. Still got 25. Will-O-Wisp (talk)
  • I'm fairly certain there's a glitch that if your mineral resources were too high, the transfer would mess up and always give you 25. Daverwulf (talk)
  • I don't know about that, but I do know that if you modded your ME2 save to give you ridiculous amounts of minerals (999,999 of each type, for example), the resources would only give a 10 point bonus. Terminator-HIX

Terminator, are you a "head" hereabouts? We got egomaniacs marring things as "magistrates" in their editorial malfeasance, people like you are needed... You are consistently objective to a praiseworthy degree.

  • I'm not an admin, if that's what you mean. I was just a very regular contributor here, up until a few years ago when the wiki activity and my interest in the franchise tapered off. That being said, it's nice to be appreciated :)Terminator-HIX

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