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I think your talking about the consequences of your decisions in Mass Effect 1, and how they will effect Mass Effect 2...

There's alot to go into, but the main ones are these, If you killed Wrex on Virmire, he won't be the Urdnot Cheif on Tuchanka. Who did you romance in Mass Effect 1, Liara, or Ashley, it will have an effect in 2, but barely. If you let the council die at the end of Mass Effect 1, the council in Mass Effect 2 will be all human. Depending on who you chose to be on the council Udina, or Anderson will effect Mass Effect 2. Did you let the Rachni queen go in ME1 or kill her, if you killed her, you won't get to meet her asari agent in ME2. Did you help out the undercover agent on Noveria in ME1, you will see her again on Ilium on ME2. On Virmire did you save Kaiden or Ashley, you will meet one of them on a planet in ME2. There are more consequences, but there are too many to list...

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