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(Random question about ME3)

How to keep everyone alive through the Suicide Mission?


Suicide Mission

How to keep both Jack and Miranda or Tali and Legion loyal / How to regain their loyalty?

Can I keep both Ashley and Kaidan?

  • No. It is not possible.

Best weapon / heavy weapon / class / power / bonus power / LI

  • Depends on your playstyle and personal preference. Please search the site, there's been plenty of discussions on this topic.

Why do all aliens speak English?

  • They don't. Everyone is equipped with a translator. See this codex entry.

How old is character X?

How long do certain races live?

  • It is said in the ingame Codex and on their respective pages on Mass Effect Wiki.

(Random question on a specific mission or assignment)

Can you continue playing after completing the game (after the credits)?

  • In Mass Effect 1, no.
  • In Mass Effect 2, yes. You can also complete any and all missions and assignments, including recruiting and loyalty missions. If, prior to suicide mission, you were locked into a romance with one squadmate and significantly advanced with another one, then after the mission you can dump your main LI and court the other person. Bedroom scene will proceed right after becoming locked-in to that relationship. Completing missions may be necessary to advance the dialogue.

What does N7 mean?

  • N7 is part of a system of codes designating vocation and level of training within the Alliance Navy. "N" represents Special Forces and "7" represents the highest level of proficiency.

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