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Welcome to Mass Effect Answers! Please follow these guidelines.

How to ask:

  • No offense. Self-explanatory: no swearing, no offence against ethnicity, social groups, worldviews, etc.
  • No "loaded" questions. Avoid questions with built-in statements that may be contentious.
  • Use search and browse questions by category. We have answered thousands of questions, many in great detail. If your question is about ME1 or ME2, it has been covered.
  • Read FAQ on ME3 — it's encompassive but succinct and easy to navigate. For ME1 & ME2, see the short FAQ. Be sure to check Mass Effect Wiki: it knows everything.

How to answer:

  • Press Edit at the top → add your answer at the bottom → press Publish.
  • Wiki formatting on MEA:
    1. Posts that address other posts are indented with * (asterisks).
    2. Posts that address only the original question are separated by adding ---- (four hyphens) on a preceding empty line.
    3. Posts are signed with ~~~ (three tildes). On other wikis, four tildes is the standard, but we recommend three, to omit a lengthy timestamp.
  • Put effort into spelling, capitalization and punctuation. It makes your posts readable, and helps attract attention and earn respect.
  • Try to keep your contributions relevant to the Mass Effect universe, avoid cross-universe references and small talk.
  • When answering a "loaded" question that contains a contentious statement, challenge the assumption behind the question before answering it directly.
Example question: "Why does the Disciple shotgun suck in ME3?". The proper answer is to challenge the assumption that the shotgun "sucks" and explain when it doesn't. Then you may explain when it does and why.
  • Read the Policy for more detail.

Have fun on the site!

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