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What should I post and where?

The prime focus of Mass Effect Answers are questions about the Mass Effect Universe. Questions are posted in the Q&A section, by using the "Ask" bar. Please formulate your question before asking, to avoid rephrasing, and conform with the section below (What sorts of questions are allowed).

Discussion threads

In certain cases, if the topic is valid, but can't be formulated as a question, it is acceptable to "ask" it as a non-question, similarly to a forum thread. The topic for discussion must be clearly defined in the page title, and the page must contain additional information to set the discussion on track.

Discussion threads are subject to the same rules as questions (see below).


The forums serve as a place for discussions that are not directly related to the Mass Effect media, can't be posted in the Q&A section, or are required to be "sticky". Some examples are wiki-related topics, help requests, or guides.


Please keep all Mass Effect related discussions in the Q&A and the forums, so that other visitors can fully participate and benefit from them. User Message Walls should only be used as a means of private communication on matters not related to Mass Effect, such as wiki-related inquiries or help requests.

Also, please try to keep all of your contributions relevant to the Mass Effect Universe or to this wiki. Mass Effect Answers is not centered around a specific group of people, and it's not its purpose to serve as a place for offtopic talk.

What sorts of questions are allowed?

Based on What sorts of questions are allowed on Wikianswers

Questions must be something which can be answered collaboratively by the Mass Effect Answers community. Questions can not be something which can only be answered subjectively, as the community can not work together on the answer.

Questions must be answerable. This doesn't mean they need to be easy to answer. It does mean things like "Where should my character go?" are not permitted, as this isn't something our community knows. Questions about non-public figures are not suitable. This means you should not be asking questions about yourself, your friends, or other Wikia users.

Mass Effect Answers is family-friendly, which means swear words can not be used in questions. Some of these will automatically be disallowed and others will be cleaned up by the community.

As with all Wikia sites, content must not include libel or hate speech or encourage people to use illegal drugs. See Wikia's terms of use for full details. Such questions will be deleted and may cause the author of such content to be blocked from editing.

Mass Effect Answers is not a joke site. For that, please visit UnAnswers, a parody of Wikianswers and a sister site of Uncyclopedia. Here on Mass Effect Answers, answers should really try to help answer the question. This doesn't mean your answer has to be bland, but it must provide a real solution to what is being asked.

Mass Effect Answers is not a link directory and we don't accept spam. It's okay to add a link as a source, but you do need to give some text with it so that people can get their answer here at Mass Effect Answers.

Opinion questions

Some questions that require the use of an individual opinion keep getting asked on Mass Effect Answers. When a question about singular personal opinion (i.e. family values, religion, personal preference, things that affect a singular person rather than two people or more) is asked, an answer that will entirely benefit the whole community can not be achieved! These questions are a very good candidate for deletion.

Please make sure that when making a question you are not targeting a singular point of view; because these questions will continue to get wiped, re-answered, as more and more users come across it.

MEA-specific policies

High standards

Mass Effect Answers has higher standards for contributions than most of other answers wikis and contributors are expected to make an effort to maintain the site a safe haven for clean and intelligent ME-related discussions. We expect proper spelling (every modern web browser has an inbuilt spellcheck functionality), punctuation and capitalization. Occasional typos are easily tolerated (and the effort to fix them is welcome). Consistent and deliberate refusal to improve the quality of your contributions will result in a warning and, in case if it was ignored, a ban.

Crossover questions

A crossover question involves a person, an object or an event from Mass Effect Universe pitted in comparison against a similar person, object or event from another setting, be it another game universe, a book or a film. A good example is "Who is a better combatant — Commander Shepard or Darth Revan?" Such questions do not benefit Mass Effect Answers community in any way and will be deleted.

Questions that you don't need MEA for answering

There is a reason Mass Effect Answers exists alongside main Mass Effect Wiki. We provide a platform for discussing aspects of Mass Effect that are not clearly answered by the games, novels or comics themselves. Hence before asking your question, search the main wiki for it. Search MEA, too, many questions have been already answered before. Read our ME1&2 FAQ and ME3 FAQ. Don't ask questions that can be answered by simply playing the games or reading the novels or comics. Breaking this policy is not likely to result in a ban unless severely abused, but such questions will be immediately deleted.


We have a number of guidelines on contributing that help our user to be productive on the site. Please take some time to read and follow them; it will make your — and other contributors' — experience on the site more enjoyable.

Be civil and polite

There's no community without mutual respect. While other contributors' opinions on different aspects of Mass Effect Universe — combats tactics, suitable romance options, morality of certain actions and so on — may be very different from yours, it's not an excuse for resorting to flame wars and aggressive arguments. In fact, nothing is. There're facts which can't be argued — for example, M-920 Cain is the most powerful heavy weapon in Mass Effect 2 when it comes to damage per shot. However, discussing whether it's the most useful heavy weapon will most likely result in several different opinions, and that's fine — just remain calm and respect your fellow contributors and their opinions. Remember what brought this community together. In the end, we all love Mass Effect and it's a different experience for every one of us. Insulting others over their preferences which shaped this experience will get you nothing, except maybe a quick ban if you go too far.

Have fun on the site!

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