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"Best" is a relative and subjective assessment when it comes to the pre-order armor sets.

All three increase your sprint ("Storm") speed by 10%.

Terminus armor boosts your shield total by 15% and gives you an extra thermal-dissipation "clip" for your weapons (meaning you can fire your weapons slightly longer before having to "reload" or find new clips).

Inferno armor increases power damage by 10% and your negotiation bonus by 10%. Note that the power damage increase applies to ALL offensive skills, not just biotic powers (since each class' damage-dealing skills are apparently treated as powers). The negotiation bonus applies to your Paragon/Renegade persuasion attempts, meaning NPCs will be slightly easier to convince.

Collector armor raises your health total by 20% and your regeneration rate by 10%.

So each one does different things and which one is "best" will depend on the way you play and/or which one you like the looks of best.

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