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If you desire, there is a room on the second floor of the cafe where Lorik is temporarily residing. In that room is the security system for Synthetic Insights, Ltd. You can deactivate it if you wish so your presence isn't made known as quickly. Leave the cafe and proceed up the stairs that lead to the garage where you will find a turian named Liliheirax and an elevator. Go down the elevator and talk to the first two Elanus Risk Control Services officers you see. If you have enough morality points for either charm of intimidate, you can convince them to go away. This, however, only means that's two less people you have to shoot, because now you have to fight your way upstairs. Once inside Lorik's office upstairs, download the evidence onto his OSD and proceed to leave. Miss Sterling of Elanus Risk Control Sevrices awaits you with a guard detail, and she's not happy to see you. Once the conversation is over, take cover and take out Sterling first, since she's a biotic and poses the largest threat. After clearing the room, leave Synthetic Insights, Ltd. and talk to Parasini. Return to the cafe and speak to her again before talking to Lorik. Again, if you have enough morality points for either charm or intimidate, you can convince him to testify. If you have, go to Administer Anoles's office and speak to Parasini again to watch an amusing cutscene.

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