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Negative as per Mass Effect Wiki

"Joker radios an urgent message to warn the commander that Sovereign has suddenly changed course and is heading toward them. Shepard continues leading the assault, taking out the facility's AA tower and clearing the ground so the Normandy can bring the nuclear device in. While the nuke is being armed, Shepard gets a call. The salarians - and the squad member Shepard sent with them - are being hit hard at the other AA tower by swarms of geth. They can't hold out much longer. Shepard tells them to sit tight and takes a team to rescue them, but is only halfway to the tower when a geth dropship passes overhead toward the nuke site and starts dropping reinforcements there. As a precaution, the nuclear device is armed - now it will go off no matter what the geth do."

PS: Good job, posting an actual question, not just 4 random words and a question mark.

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