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Not really, but he was injected with a biotic enhancing drug that gave him basic biotic abilities

He wasn't a natural biotic. K1LLERAnish 08:02, October 30, 2011 (UTC)

Contrary to popular belief, he WAS a Biotic God. - BBL96 13:56, October 30, 2011 (UTC)

He was. But it's pointless to say something like that without explanation. Care to explain?

If I recal correctly, Pitne For explained that Minagen X3 enhances EXISTING biotic abilities. He never said that it grants biotic abilities to those currently lacking them. So deep down, Niftu Cal had some very weak eezo nodules and inherent biotic potential, but because volus are so bad at combat in general, they never manifested visibly until he was injected with Minagen X3.

Actually, I think he was actually a biotic, just didn't know it or chose not to embrace it and thus - didn't have an amplifier, without which, biotic abilities are useless acording to the third paragraph under backround from this page: The critical drug overdose probably acted in place of an amplifier, he just either didn't know how to properly control the power or the gas effect wasn't powerful enough. In a way - BBL96 is right: he was a biotic god of sorts, having enough an ability to dish out even a rudimentary warp blast lacking an amplifier, how many other characters have we seen achieve such a feat (aside asari I mean)? -Unnamed

I think asari actually injected him with red sand. The point is, red sand gives temporary biotic abilities to anyone who takes it. We've never heard of volus biotics before; it explains how random volus trader wields biotics but doesn't have an amp. We know that Eclipse sisters got a red sand shipment from Pitne For; Niftu says asari injected him with "drugs", but Minagen is just a toxin, so it's definitely red sand. Wasea also bears signs of a red sand addict, but that's besides the point.

I guess because of the name, I thought red sand was a drug you smoked or snorted.