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Its likely they either evacuated when they detected the Reaper's approach which would be difficult given the fact that the citadel is within a very dense nebula. If they did not escape i'm assuming they either were harvested, killed, or huskified.

Since the Catalyst is the mind of the Reapers, and that the Reapers created a portal in London to get to the Citadel, I think it's safe to guess that the Reapers would have sent troops in to wipe everyone out that could activate the Crucible. That could also explain why the Illusive Man go on the Citadel, since he is almost completely indoctrinated by that point.

As to why husks are not present on the Citadel after Shepard makes it, perhaps those foot soldiers were sent to block Shepard's advance. But this is all just speculation.

Indeed this is all speculation. Maybe like it was said, the Reapers did send troops into the Citadel to secure it and kill/harvest everyone in the process. However, parts of the Citadel aren't accessible via normal means (ex: the one Shephard access with the help of the beam or the part where the keepers are created) so perhaps a full scale attack is not needed at all to secure the Crucible / the Catalyst. After all, if the Crucible hadn't wished to see Shepard, the two of them would not have met. My personnal guess is that if they do have complete control of the Citadel, sending forces in would be a waste of time. They would only need to vent the whole station, thus killing everyone with a single push of a button.

The Reaper could have also decided that the people inside the Citadel can wait after the fight is over to be indoctrinated. The Citadel would then act as a giant jail camp similar to those used to Earth.

Or maybe some people are still alive hidden away in some part of the Citadel waging a desperate struggle against overwhelming Reaper forces. Imagine the result of that fight being influenced by the Citadel war assets, now would that be something!

But then, considering the actual game endings, they probably ended up in a blue/red/green explosion ! JohnMD (talk)

they all died.

It is safe to assume, since there is no discrete Codex or other mention, that during the occupation and relocation of the Citadel the people on board were slaughtered. Given the piles of bodies you see that makes the most sense. Reaper forces would have converged en masse, released large numbers of ground forces, and systematically purged the inhabitants. Given the fact that the race of choice for conversion, for the next Reaper, was humanity would explain the fact that, the remaining visible bodies were all humanoid. Other races would have undergone conversion and most likely been deployed to Earth once in orbit to support conquest and harvesting. It is possible TIM and Cerberus factions were involved in the initial attack. That had been his goal with the first attack, to assume Cerberus control via Udina etc. Of course this is speculative given the lack of discrete information, but makes the most sense in the context of the story. Havok1369 (talk)

  • The piles of bodies we see are probably from Earth as this is where you end up when the beam teleports you up. So this is where the corpses of fallen resistance fighters, civilians, etc would have been sent to when they were taken from Earth to be sent to the Citadel. Also notice that all the bodies are human which seems unlikely if they came from the Citadel (unless the Keepers seperate the corpses by race). JohnMD (talk)

Bioware briefly touched on this issue Bioware discusses ME3 ending at PAX East 2012 @ about 45 minutes in

The codex mentions the security measures the Citadel has since it is a space station. There are tons of bulkheads that can be sealed to protect the inhabitants in case of emergency. Aria T'Loak, Armando Bailey, various ambassadors, and all the people you meet can potentially be safe within sealed sections of the citadel. If you have low EMS and manage to destroy the Citadel then they most likely die, if you end up with a perfect ending then they are saved during the rebuilding of galactic society. The bodies you see are most likely the bodies of resistance fighters on earth. (The video has a long section on Mordin from his writers that is AWESOME to watch!) KaedAemoh (talk)

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