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Kaidan provides "lift" and "throw", two biotic powers that at some times are virtual necessity when facing high level Krogan. Lacking "warp", Kaidan can be limited in his damage output. Also, Kaidan's AI sometimes triggers Barrier too late to save him from his generally low health and shields

This one would suggest that your party keep someone with a powerful gun (Ashley, Wrex, Garrus, even Tali with a shotgun, or a slightly combative Shepard). My personal preference would be stock up heavily on Tech skills, since the basics of "throw" and "lift" are met. Vanguard, Soldier, or Infiltrator with the exta slot being open to almost anyone. An Engineer can be an effective choice, provided you keep around Wrex or Ashley for protection. Sentinel and Adept are possible, but this one does not suggest it, keep a stout bodyguard handy.

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