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Save the council.

SAVE the Council. Why? Because Humanity will earn the Asari's trust, Salarian's trust, and Turian's trust and pretty much EVERY other Alien species' trust as well. I, for one, believe humanity should work peacefully with Aliens. The Council feels Shepard would always put Galactic Concerns before Human Interests. -TOMCAT1025

^What they said, if only because they don't even show the human-led or all-human councils at all.

Yeah, saving the council is best, if only because everyone likes you in ME 2 because of it. K1LLERAnish 06:29, November 2, 2011 (UTC)

I'd say saving the council is also best way. But my reason for doing that is mainly saving the Destiny Ascension - there were more than 10 000 crewmembers aboard and the ship itself is the largest dreadnaught. According to ME2 galactic news, asari may also quit participating in Citadel fleets if council is not saved with Destiny Ascension. Dogmatix314 07:37, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

I dont think there is a "best" way. I think all the choices have their own pros and cons. Remember if, you dont play ME 1 or Mas Effect Genesis, the choice is made for your new character in ME 2. The council is assumed to be dead and humanity ahs seized control of Galactic politics. So I dont think there is a best coice, if the developers decided to amke a choice for you. That being said, I think saving the council is the best MORAL choice. RS Kossery 07:51, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

^ Actually I think the premade choices are kind of punishment for not playing the first game. Just because they have a dead council and udina as councilor doesn't mean that is a good choice that you should follow (infact it's actually the worst possible choice). Letting the council live - you're a big hero, humans get more respect in the galaxy, you save 10,000 people, and everyone loves you. The races can also work together instead of fighting for control. Letting the council die - most of the galaxy hates you and humans for letting the council die and seizing control of dominance in the galaxy. You also let 10,000 people and a huge dreadnaught ship go down. And the new council is even worse than the last, they won't even agree to meet with you because they believe you will always put human interests first. So far I see plenty of good things coming from letting them live and none for letting them die.

Perhaps the developers wanted to "reward" those who played the older games by letting them take the better choices while relegating the new guys to bad descisions. K1LLERAnish 12:07, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

Personally I save the council for several reasons:

1. It's the good moral choice

2. I think there would be more poltical stability with the Council saved, and we'll have the Destiny Ascension in Mass Effect 3.

and 3. I want to see their goddang faces in Mass Effect 3 then unleash airquotes on them XD.