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A Level X Spectre pistol. - MA4585159 (talk)

That is only true if Master Marksman, Rail Extension VII, and Shredder/Tungsten VII ammo are intelligently part of the equation.

The HMW X weapons are hands down the best weapons of their type. Terminator-HIX

Rosenkov Materials weaponry receives honorable mention here - only that brand comes close to the Spectre-grade weapons... Consistently, every weapon from them is elite in some way. Kassa and Armax have a few close contenders (one might argue the Punisher X Sniper Rifle with its 2 shots per second and good overall stats, is competitive), but not every item in Kassa, Armax lines of weapons is reliably competitive like Rosenkov. There are anomalies like the Geth Armory's Pulse Rifle, which I used more advantageously than the Spectre AR.

Personally, I found Rosenkov weapons more heavy-hitting and powerful than Spectre selections, if only one carefully practices aiming and timing right...

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