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A reward from the old man(can't remember his name) who wants you to find the engineers in Bringing down the sky or in various shops.

  • When playing through a game, don't purchase any manufacturer licenses except Kassa Fabrication from the C-Sec Requisition officer at level 36. Colossus armor for humans then has a high chance of appearing in the Normandy Requisition Officer's and C-Sec Requistion Officers inventory. Non-human variants will appear in Delan's inventory (hanar merchant in Financial District of the Citadel). It's a random chance of what will appear in a merchant's inventory, so save before talking to them and reload if you don't see what you want. The chance of a particular item appearing becomes smaller when you have more licenses. This is why you don't want to purchase any other licenses except for the Serris/Serrice Council license from Delan at level 36 for omni-tools and biotic amps (Savant variant).

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