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While there are several choices from ME1 that are continuity nods in the form of news reports and letters a few of the main ones that effect the story, actual in game events, conversations, encounters with recurring NPCs and side quests are as follows:

  • Whether or not Wrex dies on Virmire
  • Which teammate, either Kaiden or Ashley, dies on Virmire
  • Who your choice of romantic interest was, if any
  • Whether or not you spare or kill the Rachni Queen on Noveria
  • Your treatment of Conrad Verner
  • Your decision concerning the Citadel Council and the battle plan of the Alliance Fleet
  • Whether or not you spare or kill Shiala on Feros
  • Whether or not Fist is spared during the firefight in Chora's Den
  • Whether or not you help Gianna Parasini with her internal affairs investigation against Administrator Anoleis on Noveria
  • Whether or not you spare Rana Thanoptis, the asari neurospecialist encountered in Saren's base on Virmire
  • Whether or not you kill Nassana Dantius's sister for her
  • How you resolved the Hostile Takeover mission for Helena Blake

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