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I think my personal favorite would have to be Tali, though i have to say Liara come in as a very close second. I think Tali is my favorite because she is kind of the innocent one out of the group yet she is her own person at the same time.


While Liara is the awkward friend kinda relationship the one who you start to have feelings for and she does the same, and it just seems like a really deep love with her.

Ashley and if your gonna ask why I can actually relate to her.

Gotta be Ashley Williams. I do hate Shepard's facial expression when he says "Ash" however CynicalShep 19:11, February 29, 2012 (UTC)

Ashley in ME1, Jack in ME2. I like super badass women, I guess. Gonna be a pain to choose between them in ME3. That is, if they let me choose. I could easily see one or both of them dropping me like a hot potato for screwing around on them.

By the time I'm through with ME1 and 2, I should have done all of them. I missed out on Kaidan in ME1 because I made my femShep vanguard renegade. By the time I realized I had said something offensive to him, it was too late to go back and fix it so I decided to romance Liara instead. I have prepared a new femShep to rectify that and she will most likely romance Thane when I get her to ME2. The first femShep will romance Jacob before restoring her relationship with Liara. She'll also be pretty flirtatious with Kelly. She's just like that. I've done all the male romances for ME1 and 2. The why for most of them is that I like to explore all the options. When it comes to my personal choices, I went for Ashley in ME1. I like that she's a strong woman, I like that she has a spiritual side, and I like that she can quote Tennyson. Ulysses happens to be one of my favorite poems. In ME2, I like Tali. Aside from the obvious mystery of it, she's also intelligent with a softer side that is appealing. I didn't like Miranda's romance; it seemed rather shallow to me. Jack's was better, but I personally didn't see a lot to romance there and none of my Shepards seemed to fit. One is paragon and with Ashley, the second has a very strict moral code that wouldn't allow him to easily excuse what she's done, and the third is pretty renegade and would probably just sleep with her when she offers. Although I've been debating whether or not the second might actually work given his history (Earthborn) and what happened in ME1 (he romanced Ashley only to sacrifice her on Virmire) and if so if she would make more sense than Tali.

I have to ask, does asking "why" really serve any purpose anymore? Bioware's created someone for everyone, or at least the stereotyped personalities of gamers:

Tali/Liara - Innocent, awkward, girl-next-door damsel-in-distress for those who think of themselves as a "knight-in-shining-armor." "Betty" to Ashley/Miranda's "Veronica."

Ashley - Because she's a "real" character, for some people she is very relatable. Kaidan has elements of this as well. She's also tough, spiritual, and unflappably loyal.

Miranda - Haven't had much context to analyze her, but (Possibly) a reflection of evolutionary conditioning, wanting someone who is physically, intellectually, and genetically "perfect" to produce ideal children (which she can't have, ironically enough), and boost one's social standing with "the perfect mate" on his arm, as reflected in her work towards 'advancing the human race.'

Jack - Broken past, fragile personality, for those who want to "fix" someone (and may have a thing for full-body ink).

Jacob/Kaidan - Women who want a stable, if jaded and boring, man. Again, humans are just more relatable.

Garrus - See Jack, minus the tattoo thing. Needs a hug and a warm cup of cocoa (dextro-amino chocolate only).

Thane - Sensitivity/Spirituality

I don't mean to rant, but asking "why" doesn't seem to serve a purpose in these types of questions anymore, though it's fine to ask "who" people romanced. Mordin: Can look at any romance option and make reasonable guess. Morality, psychological tendencies, interpersonal skills. Of course, this is just a basic reference list and may not reflect your actual reasons. If anyone lists why, I'd be happy to add their reasons to the list. RShepard227

Ashley. The first time I saw her on Eden Prime in Mass Effect I liked the fact she was a cute tomboy who could back up what she said and hold her own in a fight with the best of 'em. And she never let me down in that regard. And she is neither racist nor xenophobic. She simply places human concerns first, but doesn't believe humans are superior. Nor does fear aliens (or anything else). She simply doesn't trust them without them first earning her trust. And I don't blame her. In addition, I prefer those who say what they feel and don't hide it by simply saying what they know will appease others.

^^ I don't think it's irrelevant to ask "why." Everyone fell for their favorite LI for a reason, even if it is stereotyped. And most of all, everyone's perception of a character could be radically different than what you may percieve of the same character, so I think it's fair and interesting enough to ask "why." ~~

^ Fair enough. It was wrong to typecast, but I'll stick around this page and see what reasons people come up with. RShepard227

^ I think RShepard227 is just trying to prevent a flame war. People tend to see these kinds of questions as battlegrounds, trying to convince everyone else they are “right”. I also think it’s cool to hear people’s opinions and views. Let’s just stay civil about it. :)

^^ That is sort of what I had in mind, which is why I deliberately edited out some of the more negative traits in my original list. Wound up in a heated argument with somebody over how "alien-friendly" Miranda is and how "racist" Ashley really is the last time this happened. RShepard227

Heated? I remember it being as civil as humanly possible. :S But perhaps you are referring to some other argument. Anyway, Ashley would probably have been closer to my type, due to the tomboyness factor, but her overall conservative outlook on the world puts me off. I chose Liara in my "canon" playthrough, as a Paragon Sentinel, because she seemed to me at the time to be the intended LI, for some reason. TiberiusYakushev

^ Alright, glad I didn't offend. I can never tell when it's just a wall of text. RShepard227


Since my first-run Shepards are always female, Kaidan has been my main focus in ME1. Personally, I like teasing the hell out of people and the writing makes it easy to do with Kaidan. Same thing with Garrus in ME2. I do, however, have saves with all the love interests except for Liara and Jacob. There is something off-putting about Liara to me. I don't mind her as a friend character, but anytime I think about her as a LI, I feel like I am trying to rob a cradle. I know she's 70 years older than Shepard, but still... . Jacob's writing just makes me want to do something violent. The whole conversation right before Omega4 is horrible and his reaction to breaking off the relationship made me want to be able to space him with out an EVA suit. Lorelily

In ME1 I romanced Liara because I find her friendly but shy and reserved personality cute, plus, her skin color, blue, is one of my favorite colors. However, in ME2, i romanced Tali and I plan on staying loyal to her through ME3. Like Liara, I find Tali's personality very cute and innocent, but most of all, because I have a lot of sympathy for her species, being widely discriminated, being called thieves and scavengers when they're nothing like that. N7Gold

Mine has always been Ashley, because she reminds me of my best friend, who is actually my LI and can handle herself in a firefight. Randommerc701.

In ME2 my FemShep romanced Thane. Jacob was irritating and boring, and I wanted to romance Garrus but everytime I went to talk to him he was too busty with his calibrations (ugh). Thane grew on me though, he was pretty sweet. I'm conflicted about who I'll go for in ME3 though. Kaiden is better than Jacob but not as good as Thane or Garrus. Commandermax

Tali . Why?

Well at first I was interest in Miranda and curious about Jack, infact with Jack I only get to have sex with.

On ME1 I left Ashley behind because she was insisting about Human dominance and her dislike about other races, while my Shepard fights (persistent Paragon choices) for all Races survival. ALso She mention that her Grandfather was pointed as a disgrace to the Alliance and Humanity so in order to clear her lastname she had to die to become a (postumos) Hero.

On ME2 I continue persuing my position in favor of all races survival agains reapers and have to get a relation with Tali :

1- The future: While on the Shadow Brockers ship console I found out that Miranda is uncapable of having babies do to her artificial development. So this relation would only be about love and sex.

Reproduction with Tali may follow by "the Son of Shepard and Tali" (you may remember Robotech: "Dana Sterling" daughter of Max and Miriya). And if genetics are the issue, we havent seen whats inside the suit yet but it is possible to note that the physiology are similar (eyes and nose are almost visible through the mask).

2- Allies: I support all Quarian situation in favor of them, except Tali vs Legion discussion which use Paragon charm.

I look forward to find peace between Geth and Quarian, and either of them find a new home.

3- I kept persuing all race faction so I should show the example!

For me, my love interest was Ashley Williams in Mass Effect, why? Because my character and Ashley's point of view on aliens are similar and also my character just want to have sex. In Mass Effect 2, Miranda is my current romance option because she looks attractive. Also she's blunt, doesn't really care about anyone other than Cerberus and she gets the job done. Just like my character! I feel like Miranda and my character right for each other and I don't give a damn if Ashley wants me back. Morhy 02:06, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

Garrus(femshep), and Jack(Maleshep) just because I feel like they both need someone to show them that the galaxy can be a nice and loving place afterall, as they both are very alone.

I've purposefully made a few Sheps of mine have no LI's in ME or ME2 so I can try out the ME3 ones.

For my carry over Shep its gotta be Ash! She fits my character profile better than any of the other. Meeting in such an intense environment and situation feelings were bound to develop. I have tried all the others but I don't see the major attraction to Tali, I can't see Shepard forming a relationship with a Cerberus operative like Miranda, Jack is a psycho and unsuitable for the Paragon of my Shep, and well Samara has plates on her face, the only other possible love interest is Liara.

Liara, she has the best character development and grew into an amazing character from M1 to LotSb.

Garrus, because he's my favourite character in the series, and because his romance is both funny and moving. He definitely needs something good in his life after all the crap he's been through, so my main Shep is all his. I also have Sheps for Thane, Kaidan, Tali and Jack, but Garrus still wins out.

^^^ That got a laugh out of me-- "Samara has plates on her face" I'm sure the designers appreciate their efforts to make her look like a mystical warrior detracted from her looks. There's nothing wrong with that opinion; it was just amusing. For me, after preparing for ME3 with a slew of replays, I found that pairings with all of the original characters seem to work really well because they're distinctly defined. Ash works because she's seems more renegade, Tali is paragon, and Liara is a mixed bag. You can play out both similar and opposites attract scenarios. I'm not sure I like the LI with new ME2 characters; there doesn't appear to be much depth to the relationship and they already annouced the characters that make it as full time squad members. Regardless I have saves with most of the LI combinations so I'm personally going to try them all out and hopefully be surprised.

I would have to say my most favorite LI is Tali. I mean that I liked Tali even before she became an LI. Plus she is my number 1 favorite squad member in the games.

In my first playthrough? I liked Ashley in Me1 as I could relate a lot to her, but her ignorant bitchy attitude in Me2 put me off so I went for Tali instead. Liara always seemed like a stalker to me, and too cold in Me2, whereas Tali is revealed to be just shy. That said, I might make my Shepard single for Mass Effect 3. - BBL96 16:20, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

Glad it amused you but she may be a mystical warrior, but she's no Xena princess warrior and the metal on her face is just distracting, if you're going for an Asari LI then Liara is the one to go for IMO each to their own ofcourse. Roe Parc Ranger

^ Mmmm, Xena... :P CaiN oo7

Tail. Shy gearhead who's fully capable of handling herself in a fight? yes, please.

I think those saying that they like Tali are a little selfish, I mean the two of you can't have an intimate relationship due to her allergic reaction to pretty much anything once she is out of her suit. Nor would you have a family future due to the significantly different DNA make up. Roe Parc Ranger

^THe suit is given to quarians at certain young age (I dont remember) in the migrant fleet, so it is apparently possible to have children. And it is the 22 century, and we´ve seen a lot of impossible things happening (Eg.Human-Reaper) so it is not difficult to imagine that there is a possibility to grow a human-quarian entity. If Reappers are eventually defeated then the civilization will exceed the 50.000 limit and thus technology develpment will reach unkowable growth in the galaxy history.PlanetaFeroz 17:54, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

I loved Jenkins.

^^ Considering how different quarian and turian DNA is from human DNA (reverse chiralities), it's pretty much impossible that Shepard and either Tali or Garrus would be able to have children naturally. In fact, this most likely applies to any interspecies couple that doesn't involve an asari. However, who's saying they can't adopt? The real problem in Tali's case is that she might face disapproval from other quarians for not contributing to the preservation of their race by not having children. However, saying that romancing Tali is selfish is ignoring the fact that Tali herself is actively interested in Shepard. It's not like Shepard is forcing her.

I've gone through several playthroughs of both games, romanced nearly everyone, haven't got around to Miranda, though. A few stick out to me, however. I really like both the Garrus and Tali romances, a former squadmate who comes back and realizes they've fallen in love with their captain. Romancing Jack via paragon romance is incredibly tender and it's a bit of a tearjerker for me. The ME1 romances didn't stand out to me all that much, but I still like how they go. Dereisenherz

Well, numerous fanfics have led to believe that Shephard could get Tali pregnant. I chose Tali because I dig the crazy accent and her body is really rocking underneath that environmental suit.

I don't think it's selfish for Shepard to want Tali. If there is any selfishness in that relationship it is on Tali's part. She's the one pursuing a relationship with someone who could take her away from her people. Don't get me wrong, I like Tali, but I really don't see how that relationship could work out in the long term. Shepard is a soldier (as in he fights, not the class). He is always going to be on some mission or other, providing he survives. Tali is committed to her people. If they retake their homeworld, there is going to be a lot of work to do. Not only is she a very capable quarian, she is also an influence among her people. Much is expected of her. For the two of them to be together, one of them is going to have to change their life considerably and for Tali that would mean a lot more than retiring from the military. Then of course you have the inability to reproduce. Tali will surely be expected to have children. Staying with Shepard would mean abandoning her people. Depending on the Shepard, it could be possible that he stay with Tali on Rannoch, or wherever, but you would still have the reproduction issue. Of course I imagine the war with the Reapers would produce quite a few quarian orphans. There could be a place for them with the quarians. Honestly, I would be pretty disappointed in Tali if she stays with Shepard rather than aid her people.

Nice one, I never considered Tali´s responsability among her own people. Thats So true! Although I still have the hunt that there might be a chance that Shepard and Tali can have a kid somehow (evolotion maybe, and also Shepard had a special situation with the prothean contact). Liara would have been a good partner in Shepard life but tough.PlanetaFeroz 19:23, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

^Evolution? In one life cycle?, not a snowballs chance Roe Parc Ranger

^^ Their DNAs are diametrically opposed (they can't even eat the same food), they come from species which have evolved over thousands of years in completely different environments. They'd have to be from species which are at least related for the possibility of a hybrid to even be plausible. Not to mention that evolution doesn't happen over one generation, as the previous poster said. No, biological children ain't happening there, sorry, no matter how much fanfic would want it. Either adoption or nothing. But yeah, I'd imagine there would be plenty of quarian orphans left to take care of once the Reapers are gone.

Tali. Why? I wanted to romance her in ME1. Couldn't. Was bummed out. Wasn't interested in Liara or Ashley. Went into ME2 a single man/Shep. Thought Miranda was much more interesting than Ashley or Liara (plus I've got a thing for long-raven-haired women). Started to push for romance with her. Then I go to speak to Tali. She heavily infers that she's interested in my Shep. I do this in real life : 0_0 . I pick up the romance with her immediately. After some time, Tali says I need to choose between her and Miranda. I tell her "Tali, I choose you!" (no, I didn't proceed to throw a pokeball at her, but I was tempted to considering how cute she is). I then approached Miranda and broke up with her. She took it well (I knew she would). I am chuffed. That is all.

^IMO I don't really see the attraction to a gas mask wearing person. Roe Parc Ranger

^I like her You MAD BRO!

  • Dude 3 posts up*

@ Roe Parc Ranger : Well, to me, she is charmingly cute. Plus she has a smoking figure.

Come on guys, go easy on the horizontal lines. CaiN oo7

Ashley because boobs CynicalShep 22:52, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

I'm assuming that you also look rather favorably upon Miranda as well.

On the issue of Tali and the inability to reproduce there may be some hope. Every time she talks about Quarian biology, she goes on about how it is so adabtable, so her body could adabt to human reproduction.

^ Coitus, yes. Reproduction, no. Humans can't reproduce with horses since coitus is technicaly possible (zoophilia). For aliens it's the same (xenophilia), except for Asari. Dracian ME

The reproduction issue has never been an issue in scifi even though technically it would be highly improbable as we know with modern science. However, even under those circumstances writers always find ways of making it happen. If they want it to be possible in the ME universe its going to happen. You can think of any number of ways from forbidden genetic engineering and odd plot twists involving the revelation of some perverse at birth lab experientation (similar to ezzo exposure) to odd planetary phenomena (aka the Superman effect). So could it biologically work between Shepard and [insert your species of choice]? sure why not.

Tali says that the quarian immune system is adaptable. They don't get sick in the traditional sense, but instead have an allergic reaction to the foreign bacteria, virus, what have you. If it doesn't kill them, they adapt to it. That is not the same as bringing a child to term. The issue with child bearing isn't so much that her immune system is weak, but that she is ANOTHER SPECIES. That alone should cause complications, but the issue is only compounded by the fact that quarians are dextro-protein instead of levo-protein like humans. Humans and quarians can't even eat the same food. Even if Tali could conceive a child, which is impossible by any stretch of the imagination, I highly doubt it or Tali would survive. We're talking about a merging of two biologies that are poisonous to each other. You can't just adapt to that.

Male playthroughs: Ashley.

Interesting personality and backstory, great one-liners, badass attitude, multi-faceted character (faith and classical poetry? seriously?). You could tell Bioware was trying to break the mold of stereotypical "saintly" and "wicked" female LIs with Ashley, she's just a particularly human character.

Kudos for the guy who wrote: "And she is neither racist nor xenophobic. She simply places human concerns first, but doesn't believe humans are superior" and saved me the trouble. Anyone who actually pays attention to Ash's dialogue will learn that this is the FIRST time she's ever interacted with aliens (hence the aliens and animals comment on the Citadel - and with keepers and hanar and elcor, who can blame her?). After what happened to her grandfather - after how his interaction with the turians damned her entire family to demotion hell in the Alliance, her ability to keep a measured (if biased) outlook while standing up -against- the real racists (listen to her comments on Terra Firma) is pretty damn impressive. And as icing on the cake - play your cards right and you can soften her political outlook by appealing to her own beliefs. For me, that had me sold.

Female playthroughs: Garrus.

I'm not a big fan of the angst approach for love interests, the idea that Shepard has to counsel the LI like some kind of amateur psychologist. In fact, one thing I love about the Jacob romance is how they turn this upside down and have Jacob himself actually ask Shepard how she's feeling (Liara does in LotSB as well, but it's not as unexpected.) But Garrus isn't just a defeatist good guy who has to be "cured" - the game (and Shadow Broker files) make it clear that in some ways, he's like a mini-Shepard. He was one of C-Sec's best, just as Shepard was one of the Alliance Navy's best. He was a Spectre in the making. He's a natural leader who built a small team of a dozen ex-mercs who got the three biggest merc bands in the Terminus Systems hunting him down - just in the name of saving lives and protecting innocents. He's the party member who not only learned from their journeys with Shepard in the first game but actively tried to follow in her footsteps. And that is fascinating. His "loose end" loyalty mission involves cleaning up the last remnant of that attempt, and it's perfectly logical that finishing it leads into a relationship between them - the "one thing" as Garrus puts it, that goes right - and may lead him to finally realise his untapped potential.

If the Reapers thought one Shepard was bad enough, wait until they have to deal with two >:) 23:52, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

Best of all would be if there was some way male Shephard and female Shephard could get together.

^ Lol - would that be classified as a case of incest, or masturbation? *brain implodes*

Liara, she is awesome, beautiful, and paragon ^_^ 17:37, March 2, 2012 (UTC)

Tali, Why? Because Miranda is a Cerberus. Jack creeps me the hell out. Ash is a racist bastard, and Kelly.....She is nice, if I didn't like Tali's character so much I would have romanced her. And Liara....I hate her voice! I'm thinking of doing a FemShep and romancing Garrus.

My male Shep will choose Liara over Ashley in ME1. He falls for Ashley, but realizes that having a relationship with her would be fraternization. Her being involved in a frat case would end her hopes of restoring honor to her family name. Liara knows this but is so infatuated with him, she doesn't care why he chooses her, just that he did. Shepard and Liara grow close, but when he gets spaced, his one regret is not telling Ash how he felt. In ME2 he keeps it all business, hoping to see Ash. When he does and she reject-fully judges him he closes up. In ME2, when he meets up with Liara and she is distant from him, he renegades Jack's offer. After he helps Liara become the SB, he gets with her, but left with the impression that was it. She would be too busy to continue a romance, and she apparently found a drell to love. He rejects Tali because he doesn't want her getting sick, or worse dying. He flirts with Miranda, and ends up with her as his LI. In ME3, when he meets back up with Ashley, he isn't sure where they stand so he keeps it friendly. When she is nearly killed on Mars, he realizes how much he loves her. When he meets up with Miranda on the Citadel, he keeps his relationship with her in motion. He doesn't know if Ash would be interested in him. After the Coo attempt he keeps Ash with him. When she confirms her interest in him, he jumps in fully. When he meets up with Miranda on the Citadel again, he tells her. They remain good friends. My reasoning: Kelly would be vulnerable and in need of constant protection; Liara's dedication to him stems from a deeply felt love, but he would be but a flicker in her lifespan. Since Asari don't use the DNA of their mate his family line would end with him; Jack is too bitter for my taste, and I am not into the full body tats. I see her more as a friend who uses you, and lets you use her. Truly wild and into the moments, not really the relationship type, but loyal to those she considers close; Miranda, for me, is hard to reject. Ultimately it comes down to her not being able to have a child; Ashley, just makes sense from the story angle, and she can have his child and grow old with him if they ever could live long enough.

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