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Yes. Obviously.

That actually makes me wonder: will the love interests from ME1 and ME2 that you *didn't* romance still be available as romance options in ME3? Like, say for example that you didn't go for Ashley in ME1, but she's still alive in your playthrough. Will you be able to romance her in ME3, or did you lose your window in ME1?

^ IMO, it'd make no sense. At least with Ash/Kaidan. I can see her/him and Shepard forgiving each other for Horizon and coming back together, but not Shepard forgiving them and then SUDDENLY romancing them. With Tali, it would make sense if it is possible as long as you didn't romance anyone in ME2. Land Raider 05:40, October 27, 2011 (UTC)

Considering Bioware said there might be complications if you had different LI in ME1 and ME2, you probably can romance everyone from previous games. I don't remeber for certain, but I may have read someone from Bioware posting also that if you didn't romance someone back at ME1 or ME2, you might be able try again in ME3. Dogmatix314 06:52, October 27, 2011 (UTC)

Or you could stop asking stupid questions and wait till the game comes out. Thats an option.