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Strictly speaking, Shepard's body is consumed by Reaper-tech before it disintegrates entirely, so yes, she dies. That said, her consciousness is copied and uploaded into the Reaper hivemind, overwriting The Catalyst' goals and personality with Shepard's. So, in a sense, she survives by basically ascending to a higher plane of existence. Luper567 (talk)

  • Shepard is disintegrated, and her memories, experience and convictions are uploaded to the Catalyst to modify it. The Shepard-Catalyst differentiates itself from Shepard, plainly stating that the hero has died. This allows us to say that Shepard's "true" consciousness has not been preserved. On the other hand, since the new Catalyst has been formed using everything that was Shepard, we could indeed view this as a form of ascension. Mind uploading is a promising concept of transhuman development. Mitranim
  • You know, some people play with a MaleShep...Ytsejam09 (talk)

You probably won't, but Shepard will :P Terminator-HIX (talk)

In the EC, the Catalyst says that if you choose Control (SPOILER ALERT)(this may be affected by EMS), Shepard's body is destroyed, but his/her memories, personality and even identity will still survive; so the point is really how you define "alive" (or, more specifically, whether or not you need a body to be alive).

  • The new Catalyst speaks of Shepard in third person, so the identity does not survive. - MA4585159 (talk)

You first have to define life, "bios", "physis", metaphysically. The corporeal form is not unilinearly identical to the soul-esse, the personality and spirit. Plato and Kant are needed here.

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